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Need to Weigh in on "Give Peace a Chance" ? Actionable Shares Linked in Blog ~ Iranian Deal Clock is Ticking

^^^ Our President is calling Americans to support engagement not war via the Iranian nuclear agreement!

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^^^ While a super majority of the GOP gives its allegiance to a foreign leader.

Frankly, it makes me sick.

I've cut and pasted the referenced article for you to read and to draw your own conclusions from. If you concur, if you find the GOP allegiance to a foreign leader to be sickening, please scroll, share and make the contacts in support of the President of the United States.


Republican House Majority Leader McCarthy: Congress likely to sink Iran deal

The US Congress will disapprove the Iran deal when it votes on the matter by September 17, and may even be able to override a presidential veto on the matter, Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted as he spoke with reporters in Jerusalem on Thursday.

“I do not know if the Democrats have whipped this vote [trying to enforce party discipline],” McCarthy said, adding, “We [Republicans] have not whipped the vote either.”

McCarthy added that he was not aware of any Republicans that intended supporting the nuclear agreement, stating that “I have watched a number of Democrats oppose it.”

The California congressman spoke of his party’s opposition to the deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program that was concluded between Tehran and the six world powers in Vienna last month.

Democrat supporters of the deal and the Obama administration, including US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, are already speaking about the day after the deal is set in motion.

McCarthy had an entirely different take on the future of the Iran deal, however.

“It will go to the president’s desk with a [congressional] disapproval, that is very safe to say,” McCarthy said as he explained that the real question is whether there is enough opposition to prevent US President Barack Obama from vetoing the congressional vote.

“There is a possibly that if [Obama] vetoes it, it will be overridden [by Congress],” McCarthy said.

The high-ranking politician is in Israel along with 35 other visiting Republican congressmen. They arrived as House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer wrapped up his visit along with 23 Democratic congressmen.

Both trips were sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation, which is affiliated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a group that traditionally funds such trips during the summer.

This year, in light of the upcoming US vote on the Iran deal, both groups focused heavily on learning more about Israeli viewpoints on the accord, while the Israeli-Palestinian conflict took a back seat.

McCarthy said that opposition to the deal transcends US party politics, saying that there is a bipartisan belief, he said, that “a much better deal can be achieved.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has been outspoken about his belief that the Iran deal is a historic mistake, was uncharacteristically quiet after meeting with McCarthy’s delegation on Wednesday and with Hoyer’s group on Sunday.

On Sunday, Obama told CNN that Netanyahu has interjected himself into the dialogue of Washington politics more forcibly than any other foreign leader.

On Thursday, however, McCarthy rebuffed the US president, said that Netanyahu was simply doing his job as Israel’s leader.

“I do not see where Benjamin Netanyahu was interfering with anything,” said McCarthy, just one day after he and 35 other visiting Republican congressmen met with the prime minister.

Given “everything I have seen from Iran, their policies have not changed,” he said, adding that Iran has only increased its funding of terrorist organizations.

“One of the biggest concerns is the billions more Iran would have [with the deal] what will they do with it, who would fund it,” the congressman warned.

In the past Obama urged critics to quell their voices until they knew the details. Now that the information is known, he has warned that the only alternative is war.

Obama, McCarthy said, is spinning out lines that are not true, such as, “it is only this deal or war.” “No one believes this to be true,” he said.

McCarthy said he believed that it was possible to achieve a better agreement with Iran and that the choice was between a bad deal and a better deal.

A better deal would not allow Iran to have nuclear capability within 13 years, he said.

“If we are trying to capture peace, we are measuring it in a 13-year-old time frame,” McCarthy said as he tried to explain what 13 years meant to him.

“My wife and I have a son and a daughter. They have a life time in front of them. I will not walk away and make the world more unsafe and more dangerous because I wanted someone to say we captured peace for this moment but jeopardized freedom for the future.”

With regard to the US-Israel relationship, McCarthy said that he did not believe the public spat between Netanyahu and Obama would harm those ties.

“These are two personalities. The bond between Israel and America is a bond that does not break over personalities.”

Rather, it’s a bond that is created by the shared values of justice, liberty, freedom and democracy, McCarthy said.

And we are off ~ 

^^^ Be a part of making history happen! Contact your Representation in D.C. and tell them you want them to give peace a chance here

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^^^ If your representation in D.C. has not come out in support of the Iranian nuclear deal yet you may want to contact them to ask if they are listening to those old thinkers and if they are you may wan to ask them -- what's up with that? here

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^^^ Have you asked your representation in D.C. that one? "If Congress votes down the final Iran deal, what's Plan B? ... " You can ask them here

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^^^ Can't live in peace killing each other's children ~ per former President Jimmy Carter ~ makes me wonder if our representation in D.C. wonders if maybe Iran isn't their grandparents' Iran? Maybe they want to give peace a chance? You can ask them here

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Shocking: Some Agree W/the American Taliban Wing that President Obama is Naive/That He and His Team Have Negotiated an Agreement Actually Giving Iran the Bomb!

^^^ Anyone who believes this is what our leadership is doing, please cite your evidence in the comments section ~ I'd really like to see it if it exists. I'd also like to separate people out who are "making common cause" with the Supreme Leader of Iran. TY

I am not going to go crazy here. My premise is, if one is willing to read one more thing related to the Iran Agreement I can honestly make an educated guess that one follows the news and that one knows how to Google the source at the White House to verify if what is being reported is true or not.

For the unpersuaded, though, I am going to provide: 

ONE. Links to the President's speech at American University (video and text on August 6, 2015, plus the deal, itself) in case you missed it and; 

TWO. A link to CNN's Press Room Blog covering in clips and text President Obama's interview on Fareed Zakaria GPS today (August 9, 2015) in case you missed it and;

THREE. For those who should know better, especially those currently working in Congress, I am going to highlight what might be the President's most controversial comment, to date, his view that a segment of U.S. congressional hardliners are comparable to a segment of Iranian hardliners where, I think when all is said and done, the bottom line lies ~ who are we with?  The engagers? Or, the non-engagers?

I'm also going to provide links that will allow for immediate Tweeting of some of this material if anyone would like to share it!

This is what the President said in his speech:

" ... In fact, it’s those hardliners who are most comfortable with the status quo. It’s those hardliners chanting “Death to America” who have been most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause with the Republican caucus. ... "

This is how the President answered the question when Zakaria asked it:

" ... ZAKARIA: In your speech at American University, you made a comparison. You said that Iran's hardliners were making common cause with Republicans. It's come under a lot of criticism. Mitch McConnell says even Democrats who oppose the deal should be insulted.

The Wall Street Journal says that this rhetoric shows that you've abandoned the hope of getting any Republicans, or even moderate Democrats, and you are targeting this message to the hard core of House Democrats who are going to sustain your veto.

OBAMA: Fareed, your question is about politics. Let me talk about substance.

What I said is absolutely true factually. The truth of the matter is, inside of Iran, the people most opposed to the deal are the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force, hardliners who are implacably opposed to any cooperation with the international community. And there's a reason for that, because they recognize that if, in fact, this deal gets done, that rather than them being in the driver's seat with respect to the Iranian economy, they are in a weaker position.

And the point I was simply making is that if you look at the facts, the merits of this deal, then you will conclude that not only does it cut off a pathway for Iran getting a nuclear weapon, but it also establishes the most effective verification and inspection regime that's ever been put in place.

It also ensures that we are able to monitor what they do with respect to stockpiles, plutonium, their underground facility. And that it does not ask us to relinquish any of the options that we might need to exercise if, in fact, Iran cheated or if at some point they decided to try to break out.

And so the reason that Mitch McConnell and the rest of the folks in his caucus who oppose this jumped out and opposed it before they even read it, before it was even posted, is reflective of a ideological commitment not to get a deal done.

ZAKARIA: You don't think you're...

OBAMA: And in that sense, they do have a lot in common with hardliners who are much more satisfied with the status quo.

ZAKARIA: You don't think you're going to get any Republican...

OBAMA: Well, I didn't say that. What I said was that there are those who, if they did not read the bill before they announced their opposition, if they are not able to offer plausible reasons why they wouldn't support the bill or plausible alternatives in preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, other than potential military strikes, then that would indicate that they're not interested in the substance of the issue, they're interested in the politics of the issue. ..."

And finally, it is important to note that the public servants charged with implementing the Obama Doctrine are also NOT fighting to give Iran a nuclear weapon! No, they are fighting to give peace a chance, to shift this nation from an old 20th Century might is right first national security strategy to a new 21st Century shift engagement first national strategy! 

^^^ Secretary Kerry and Members of the U.S. Negotiating Team After EU, P5+1 Reached Iran Nuclear Agreement in Vienna

President Obama? The Supreme Leader of Iran?

You decide...

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First of the Month Favorite Hillary Clinton Posts ~ Shareable and Sometimes Actionable Depending...

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Madison asked and Hillary said: "You know. I definitely would ... "

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Is Hillary good for women? Check out: "Know Your Candidates" 

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There IS a gender card being played in this campaign!

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"We know that when women are strong families are strong ... " ~ Hillary

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As a life-long public servant in our system of government Hillary understands the concept: Perfecting The Union!

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Economically speaking ~ a snippet of some the big things Hillary supports doing! 

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Some things are just a natural fit! Check out how some of Hillary pieces come together …

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