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Hello: The GOP is Dangerously Close to Obtaining ~ via the Electorate ~ the Capacity to Amend the U.S. Constitution no Matter Who Wins the White House in 2016

If you don't want to live under a GOP anti-United States-government find the Democrat nearest you with a high probability of winning and campaign for him or her and V-O-T-E and make sure a Republican is never, ever elected to a position of power in this nation again…

I've no idea what a final version of a GOP framework for the United States might look like if they keep Congress and if they win the White House in 2016 but I can make an educated guess based on their favorite parts of the Articles of Confederation ~ sovereign states, armed people and a federal government demoted, basically, to a mere solver of disputes between said states and their armed people.

Prior to the 2014 election and President Obama's rejection of the Keystone Pipeline, I wrote a similar piece and my example of what a national transaction under the GOP might look like in a first draft still stands:

Let’s take the Keystone XL Pipeline as a simple example ~ Canada wants the pipeline to run through the United States. Texas wants it to run through the United States, too. The problem is environmentalists believe the pipeline is hazardous to the health of the entire planet and a whole lot of citizens in Nebraska believe their water source is directly threatened so they are all fighting the building of the pipeline together.

In a Brand New GOP world this issue would still tick off Texas, Montana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, of course, so they would likely form a pro-KXL Pipeline Alliance, they would likely tell the environmentalists and the citizens of Nebraska to STFU! and with great glee they would likely send their State Militias out to secure the building of the pipeline ~ perhaps even changing state boundaries to reach their objective... what's to stop them?

Then what ~ you are probably asking right about now? Well, war between some of our states, of course. It's a natural GOP progression. 

(That should give you a pretty clear image... Survival of the fittest, codified! Plug in your own example and see where it takes you...)

So, how do they get it done?

^^^ Simple. IF the GOP is winning a super majority of states and if the GOP is winning a super majority in Congress ~ and they are ~ winning the White House in 2016 will just be the proverbial frosting on the proverbial cake! (Snippet, courtesy of the National Archives.)

To reiterate in the most simple of terms:

There are two ways to Amend the United States Constitution (and that would be to add to it and/or subtract from it!): 


Two-thirds of the House and two-thirds of the Senate call for an Amendments Convention;


Two-thirds of the state legislatures call for an Amendments Convention;


Proposed Amendments must be ratified by three-quarters of the states.

Clearly, real time political goings on around the possibility of more Syrian refugees coming to United States makes the case for the headline of this Blog: "The GOP is Dangerously Close to Obtaining ~ via the Electorate ~ the Capacity to Amend U.S. Constitution no Matter Who Wins the White House in 2016"  when 31 states, as of November 20, are attempting to reject Syrian refugees. 31!

It makes no difference to 30 GOP governors that the common denominator between the terrorists who attacked in Paris does not seem to be a Syrian heritage or that the ability to act on this declaration is not in their job description because juxtaposed with their hate of all others is their obsession with nullifying federal supremacy in favor of state supremacy.

 And, frankly, I've no idea what NH Governor Maggie Hassan is thinking, I can only hope she comes to her senses -- soon.

I encourage exploring Citizens for Self-Governance to gain more insight into the GOP effort to amend it's way to a pre-ratification of the United States Constitution state.  They actively work for an Article V Convention to amend. 

... In December 2013, nearly 100 legislators from 32 states met at Mount Vernon to talk about how to call a convention of states. According to Slate, "The meeting lasted four hours, ending when legislators agreed to meet again in the spring of 2014. That’s the most progress anyone’s made in decades toward a states-first constitutional amendment campaign."

In February 2014, U.S. Senator Tom Coburn announced that after his retirement from Congress, he would focus on promoting the Convention of States to state legislatures.[54]

As of July 2015, CSG's application for a Convention of States has been passed in four states: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Alaska. 

( Here is is a great jumping off place to read more about the processYou can also find the original map here )

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