Sunday, March 15, 2015

Restating #GOPWantsWar Call to Have President Obama's Back ~ GOP Doesn't Stop the Sabotage

^^^ Tomorrow (Sunday, the 23rd) Tom Cotton will continue to sabotage a duly elected President of the United States of America,
while we are on the verge of an historical, peaceful agreement with Iran ...

Now, have you

It is not too late! 

Many Digital Activists have done a superb job of getting President Obama’s back, taking action against the 47 Republicans who recently corresponded with Iranian Mullahs in what one can one can only conclude was/is an effort to undermine his effort to resolve Iranian/world nuclear issues through diplomacy and not war ~ a strategy the GOP may actually hate more than it hates him!

But, it is not over yet and we really need to let the powers that be know that we are still here and we still support President Obama's strategy because the GOP is still here!

To that end:

One: A reminder of GOP nullification of POTUS and our votes

 Two: A sliver visual of Democratic Diplomacy at work

Three: A sliver visual of #GOPWantsWar sabotage memed

Four: One new #GOPWantsWar meme for Retweeting

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For your own information: Although ignored by nearly every media outlet, skewing nearly every report and analysis produced, the strategic nullification of President Obama is not new (see here) it is has merely moved from the consistent public nullification of his domestic policies to a public sabotage of his foreign policies.

Nullification, memed as:

(The author of this meme is unknown to me. If anyone knows who created it, please note in the comments section so I can immediately credit it! TY)

 Nullification defined as:

Nullification Doctrine Law & Legal Definition
Nullification Doctrine was a theory espoused by southern states before the Civil War where by states claimed power to declare a law of the federal government unconstitutional and therefore void. John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, Vice President of the United States, was the leading proponent of nullification. Calhoun argued that "the Constitution and federal Union were established by sovereign states, not by the people of the United States. Therefore, the state governments have authority to decide if the acts of the federal government are constitutional or not. If a state government decided that the federal government had exceeded constitutional limits on its powers, then the state could call a special convention to nullify the law, thereby declaring that the law would not be enforced in the state." The nullification doctrine was linked to the claim that a state had a right to secede from, or leave, the federal union. In 1832, South Carolina attempted to use Calhoun's nullification doctrine to declare a federal tariff statute unconstitutional. However, President Andrew Jackson responded with the threat of military force to suppress actions that he viewed as rebellious violations of the U.S. Constitution. The crisis ended with a compromise about the terms of the disputed federal tariff law. Finally, civil war (1861–65) put an end to the arguments about the nullification doctrine and the right of secession once and for all.
The source of the definition can be found here.

As president Obama works to implement his vision of peace and prosperity for as many nations in the world who would like to join him (America) via the creation of strong economies through diplomacy and not war, based on what is best about America's principles and values, his Secretary of State has been doing everything in his power to attain success ~ and, frankly, although it goes without saying that the level of GOP disrespect for this sitting United States President is unprecedented it should also go without saying that the level of disrespect for our top diplomat shows and not tells the level of disrespect the GOP has for public servants, generally speaking. 

^^^ American and Iranian leadership and their teams working for a peaceful resolution via Iranian nuclear negotiations. 

( Secretary Kerry spoke about the P5+1 talks yesterday (March 21st): "Nothing in our deliberations is decided until everything is decided. And the purpose of these negotiations is not just to get any deal; it is to get the right deal. President Obama means it when he says, again and again, that Iran will not be permitted to get a nuclear weapon. Now sanctions alone can’t achieve that. We need a verifiable set of commitments. And we need an agreed-upon plan that obviously provides the access and the opportunity to be able to know what is happening so that you can have confidence that the program is, indeed, peaceful." (The full transcript can be found here. )

^^^ While #GOPWantsWar

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