Wednesday, December 30, 2015

GOP hate of all "others" will be exiting my space very soon! Feeling the need to catch my breath for a moment...

^^^ GOP hate of all "others" is going up & out in smoke soon! Realistically, it will be temporary but ... it will give me the time and the space I need to re-energize for what's to come!

 This is a great mental exercise you may want to borrow between now and January 1, 2016 or any time a bit of a clearing of your space is required!

 Happy New Year!

* Frankly Speaking: Brief Mid-Week Grievance ~ is, as it implies, a very simple, very brief indulgence of mine, a way to release one key frustration a week via print, meme, etc. !!

Sometimes it will resonate, sometimes it will merely tweak and other times is will accomplish nothing so Take the Best; Leave the Rest!!!

Weekly Blog rule applies ~ If the shoe fits, wear it; If the shoe does not fit -- don't.

Later …

G., aka Partisan Democrat

Thank you for reading!

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Top 10 Democratic New Year’s Resolutions for 2016!

Seriously, all politics aside, everyone ~ family, friends, colleagues, social media friends ~ have a wonderful, safe, healthy, H New Year!

I remain focused on seeing Hillary Clinton become President of the United States in November! To that end, here are my top 10 resolutions:


I resolve to do everything I can to get Hillary Clinton elected in November with integrity ~ to stay focused on Hillary because she is the most qualified candidate in my lifetime! ( An aside, see bio here )  


 I resolve to work hard at not calling out Senator Sanders for being a user and an abuser of my Party because because he is not where I am going to apply my time and my energy on the way to a Hillary win in November.


I resolve to work even harder to show Democrats the positives AND the legislative numbers Hillary brings to the table because sometimes a strategy to win not only matters but is critical and when the GOP is winning – it's critical.


I resolve to double down on repeating, repeating and repeating again: GO TO THE SOURCE. I am of the mind that informed voters are more likely to do the best thing for their country when they cast their ballots.  


I resolve to continue critiquing main stream media and calling on them to re-commit to their historical role as informers of the electorate. I do not believe they got a mention in the U.S. Constitution to play fast and loose with that responsibility.


I resolve to commit to being more disciplined in using hash tag messaging across social media platforms, reflecting my key points re Hillary Clinton, translating into an effort to create a marketing, so to speak, mantra for Hillary. 


I resolve to never, ever again waste a minute of my precious time and energy on Puritopians who only serve to distract Democrats from banishing the GOP from from power. 


I resolve to stand by the value and principle of the General Welfare of the nation as codified in the U.S. Constitution by our Founding Fathers as a lens through which to see policy making. (Section 8 of Article 1) 


I resolve to walk away from my lap top screen more often and revisit my city when I get home! 


I resolve to speak up more often and more loudly against hate.  I am not surprised by the hate out there, I was actually raised in some of it long before President Obama became President. but I will confess to being surprised by the mass openness of it since he won his first election in 2008. Frankly, I suspect it is going to be worse for a woman than it has been/is for a black man and it really can not stand. 

Moving Forward,

G., aka Partisan Democrat

Thank you for reading!

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Keeping it as Simple as Possible Throughout the Holiday Season: My top Five Christmas Wish List!


For Christmas I would like a return of the past recognition of media as the 4th branch of government where, as interpreted by me, it's specific mention/protection in the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution codifies a segment of media outlet business plans as one more check and balance on government for The People.


For Christmas I would like the return of the Fairness Doctrine which, also as interpreted by me, declares media a public communications service and. keeping in the spirit of it's 4th branch of government status, subjects it to an obligation to cover issues of importance to The People, providing equal time for the opposition.


For Christmas I would like to wake up on Christmas morning and turn on my laptop and discover an upward trend in the level of education of the American People in, but not limited to, areas of academics, technical skills and civics literacy.


For Christmas I would like to see an awakening in the American People, building on an upward trend in the education of the American People, to the idea that we are a global society and any American President must perform his or her job on behalf of the success of the of our nation through that lens.


For Christmas I would like to see an acknowledgement that Black Lives do Matter and I would like to see action taken by anyone in the vicinity of the White House who witnesses racists waving their confederate flags and screaming their hateful slurs outside of the home of the 1st Black Family in America, i.e. say something.

And ~ that's it!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

PS: Should it be a time of year anyone struggles with that "wonderful Holiday Season!" mantra, I am sending some positive energy. If you need it, it is yours...


Positive Energy

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Grievance: 21st Century Foreign Policy Calls for an Expertise that Only Hillary Clinton can Bring to the Table

Frankly Speaking: I am of the mind that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate for President of the United States of America ~ the right woman at the right time.

As noted, foreign policy is much more complicated than national security threats from terrorists but since the GOP is using fear of terrorists at the moment to win the White House in November (think two George W. Bush elections here!), it is really clear the electorate needs to do its homework and choose the next President wisely or, make no mistake about it, U.S. foreign policy will be determined by the GOP vulture capitalists based on the GOP Bible of choice, i.e. the American Taliban.

Hillary has recently given three relevant speeches and I will provide links to them below for anyone who chooses to either get started informing one's self per the source and/or to add to one's current knowledge base of the source's pragmatic approach to national security.

We live in a global world and we are not going to be able to put that genie back into the bottle!

President Obama knew that and under his leadership his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his current Secretary of State John Kerry had/have been shifting U.S. foreign policy from right is might thinking 1st to letting diplomacy work thinking 1st because the fact is we don't own other nation and attempts to bully and to bend them to our will is misguided ~ at the very least.

A strong defense does not have to translate into the U.S. going it alone and/or the U.S. fighting others' fights for them at the cost of our blood and treasure. 

War is so easy for the "directors" of war but  it is reprehensible to move military personnel in and out of combat in a game of "king of the hill" with no respect for their lives.

Hillary will honor President Obama's vision for peace and prosperity via the building of strong economies with like-minded nations (think moving away from those who choose permanent states of destruction and pivoting to those who choose permanent states of building) and she will continue and adapt as needed in her judgement the progress being made as we speak in positioning the U.S. for success in the 21st Century. 

Listen to her as she primarily addresses the very real threat of terrorism in the three speeches and begin the process of choosing the next President wisely:

December 15, 2015 

Posted on December 6, 2015: 

Published on Nov 19, 2015 

If you have any time over the holidays, check more of Hillary speeches here


G., aka Partisan Democrat

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Few Favorite Shareables to Share Throughout GOP Debate Day, Tuesday, December 15th !

If Democrats vote ~ we win; If they don't we get ^^^

You can share that on Twitter here

Meme courtesy of Hillary Clinton on Facebook

FYI: This is a working Blog! because, it seems to me if GOP Debates get millions of pairs of eyes on GOP Debate nights, Democrats need to be flooding the market with a nice mix of pro-democrat and anti-GOP posts any time between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST Tuesday!

The CNN GOP Debate is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15. The debate will be split into two debates: First at 6:00 p.m. ET; Second debate at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Note:  “23 million watched GOP debate, a record for CNN” on September 19, 2015 !

 Please feel free to peruse some of my favorite posts and borrow liberally and schedule to post in whatever time frame you determine to be the best time frame for your messaging. And, of course add your own favorites to the conversation!

For your own information, my personal habit is to schedule Tweets to post throughout the day ~ leaving me free to watch the debate and to Retweet the like-minded. I use Hootsuite to do that. (see below for relevant Hootsuite links.)

Here's a snippet of what my Tuesday, pre-scheduled Tweets look like... ready to pop every 5 minutes throughout GOP Debate Day:

 ( * Today I am providing direct Twitter links to share with your friends, preferably on GOP Debate Day!. To share on other platforms, etc. you’ll have to do the annoying thing and download and save and adapt and re-post... ) 

Take the Best; Leave the Rest. But push the truth about the GOP war on us!

^^^ Under the current circumstances, I am of the mind that this one should be shared on various social media platforms at least as long as Trump is a factor.

You can share that on Twitter here

Meme courtesy of Hillary Clinton on Facebook

^^^ "Jefferson and Other Founding Fathers defended Muslim rights"  

You can share that on Twitter here

Courtesy of the Washington Post

^^^ GOP Climate Change Deniers who govern by Bible won't agree but:
 "This is a victory for all the planet and the future generations" Per Secretary of State John Kerry (Paris Climate Accord):

You can share this Tweet here

Courtesy of Secretary of State John Kerry

^^^ Repeat of topic but, I love this! "Real world LEADERS on the left! Real world climate deniers on the right!" (Paris Climate Accord)

You can share that on Twitter here

Adapted by me/Courtesy of Timothy Clark

^^^ Speaking of real world leaders ~ President Obama on Hillary!

You can share that on Twitter here
Courtesy of Florida4Hillary

^^^ Truth Matters and someone has to speak it ... TY Senator Reid!

You can share that on Twitter here

Courtesy of Occupy Democrats  on Facebook

^^^ A question suggestion for the upcoming GOP Debate: Will you reinstate draft? Will you boot up for war with Daesh? Will you lead "crusade" personally?

You can share that on Twitter here

^^^ #ImWithHer because she  grasps & supports a pluralistic society. She knows "It Takes A Village" and not a revolution to keep the United States moving forward!

You can share that on Twitter here 

^^^ This one is pure self-indulgence ~ my ask that you share it and help give Hillary a Holiday Gift by moving her Facebook Likes past the 2 million mark! TY

You can share that on Twitter here 

Now, as promised, the Hootsuite links:

Hootsuite site 

Mashable how to

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G., aka Partisan Democrat

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Grievance: Trump Appears to be Unabashedly Escalating a GOP Fascist Agenda

As noted, I have this quirky habit of stepping off of the path I'm on and taking a break when the going gets tough. I've discovered it makes me more productive to actually leave my environment and take a minute to breathe after which, most times, I return with a fresh perspective (or, at the very least, renewed energy).

Today was one of those days. People, The Donald has nearly pushed me off of the ledge with the expansion of what appears to be a GOP fascist agenda. As President, BEFORE deporting millions of undocumented residents in America, he will refuse to allow an incalculable number of Muslims to step on American soil -- despite status.

 Fascist, as defined in the Urban Dictionary here (pick your specific poison).

So off my path this morning I went. I am sharing my fresh perspective and/or renewed energy strategy with you because if you are like me (I am an activist working for a #HillaryClinton2016 win) and if you have not stopped to breathe recently take 30 minutes to:

One ~

Listen to some of your favorite inspirational music! Mine today was: Stairway to Heaven * Hallelujah * Somewhere Over the Rainbow

You can listen here :

Ann and Nancy Wilson's version of "Stairway to Heaven?

Bon Jovi's version of "Hallelujah"

Pink's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Two ~

Tweet one of your favorite, relevant, Hillary Clinton memes. Mine today was:

You can share it here :

 Obviously, I don't get the benefit of a fresh perspective every time but do get the benefit of renewed energy every time! And back to work I go.


G., aka Partisan Democrat

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Warning! Rome is Burning & American Knee-Jerk Reaction is Hate/Govern by Bible/Build an Arsenal

Let me be brief.

As a prelude to President Obama's address to the nation tonight, 

I am thinking:

Warning! Warning! Warning! 

Rome is burning while too many Americans are having a typical knee-jerk reaction to hate, to govern by Bible, to build an arsenal and to isolate, preferably, but not always, in white, American Taliban groupings. ( Knee-jerk defined here )

And, lack of education will be our downfall...

Watching this parochial reaction spread like wildfire among the willfully uninformed and the willfully ill-informed, fueled by a willfully ignorant media is highly disturbing and my brain reflexively seeks clarity, not randomly, but drawing from American History, study, observation and outcomes.

To date, I've concluded:


We live in a global world.


The President understands that and, despite the GOP preference for nullifying him and those of us who voted for him, his work toward peace and prosperity by bringing like-minded nations to the global table based on The Common Good underlies his vision for American success but those of us who do not do our homework do not know that.


The Obama Doctrine, as conceived by himself, has been and is being implemented by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry and all of the public servants who support their effort in shifting U.S. Foreign Policy from one of might is right thinking to one of let diplomacy work thinking but those of us who do not do our homework do not know that.


We live in a representative democracy but we act as if we live in a direct democracy and that clash gridlocks the United States government (us) just a much, perhaps more so, than said strategic GOP nullification. Systems are only as good as those who are running them and those of us who of us have abdicated our responsibility by not voting are accountable for what we have wrought, a country nearly completely run by the GOP.


Finally, we have no excuse for not being informed citizens. Aside from seeking trusted interpreters of facts without ulterior motives (who still have to be fact-checked, BTW), I encourage going to the source which is as simple, in the case of U.S. Foreign Policy, of accessing the White House and the State House websites and beginning to read.

Tonight, President Obama will address the nation in the context of terrorism.

Personally, throughout the week, I've watch a gaggle of media-types divining and pontificating on the topic. But, I don't think I've seen one, single person in the President's loop invited to join the conversation ~ exactly the people who should be hosted 24/7 to discuss a national threat. Aren't they?

So, let me leave you with one video to get you started on doing your homework and/or adding to your homework before President Obama speaks to us tonight so we might all become more informed. It is Secretary of State John Kerry, a direct source, who spoke at the “Saban Forum 2015: Israel and the United States: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow” …

It is my hope that it will put into context the complexities of Foreign Policy in the 21st Century and remind all of us why we elected President Obama in the first place ~ it is his lead we need to follow not the lead of the uninformed and/or the ulterior motivated.

Secretary of State John Kerry: Keynotes @ Saban Forum 2015.

TY for your attention to this matter.

( FYI: You should be able to access Hillary Clinton's keynote speech at the same event today here )

( And you can watch the President's address live here )

( * First of the Month Favorite Hillary Clinton Posts ~ Shareable and Sometimes Actionable Depending... will return January 3, 2016.)

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Grievance: #WomenUnderFire ~ An Action You Can Take NOW: #StandWithPP and Hit the Link for Them!

The grievance: #WomenUnderFire

An action you can take NOW:

 #StandWithPP and hit the link for them!

From my Inbox:

Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

“The Senate votes TOMORROW. 

And health care for millions of people nationwide is at risk.

Dear XXXX,

It took him no time at all. Less than a week after the tragic attack on a Planned Parenthood health center in Colorado, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is fast-tracking a bill that would stop patients from accessing care at Planned Parenthood health centers nationwide and roll back Obamacare.

McConnell is hell-bent on cutting Planned Parenthood patients off from the doctors they trust, so he's trying to force this bill through NOW. He's even using procedural tricks that sidestep the filibuster — which means we need every senator to vote on the side of women's health.

Tell Congress: People need health care, not hate. Vote against any bill that cuts funding for Planned Parenthood health centers and rolls back Obamacare.

This bill is a disaster in the making. Blocking the ability of patients to access Planned Parenthood health centers means cutting off countless people from affordable birth control, cancer screenings, STD tests, and other lifesaving health care.

And eliminating key components of Obamacare? That means millions of families will no longer be able to access affordable health insurance. Just like that.

Rather than focusing on keeping our government operating, the majority of the Senate is still focused on this extreme and destructive agenda that hurts women, men and young people alike. The American people deserve better. We deserve lawmakers who can do more than lob attack after attack after attack on Planned Parenthood and health care for millions.

The vote is tomorrow. Click here to speak out now.

Thanks for sticking with us and the millions of people who stand on the verge of losing the vital health care they need.”

You can also share the request to speak out by retweeting my Tweet link here


G., aka Partisan Democrat

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