Monday, June 23, 2014

Don't Let GOP-ERS Distract You From Getting Out the Vote Like I Did This Weekend & That Includes Poverty!

This is the confession of one who knows better and still allowed herself to get distracted for nearly two full days by a Republican; it is also a smidgen about Rep. Paul Ryan’s thinking about poverty and; it is a brief peek at what appears to be Ryan’s dip into foreign affairs which indicates to me his ego has already been unable to resist a call to run for POTUS in 2016 and everything but his effort to gain presidential candidacy street cred is a smoke screen ~

a reminder that EVERYTHING except gaining power and money for the GOP is a carefully constructed strategy to distract Democrats from investing all of their energy into getting out the vote in 2014 and 2016 ~ and that includes poverty (and Iraq, too, BTW)!

To begin at the beginning ~ I was curious to know what Ryan was saying about Poverty so I Googled: The War on Poverty 50 Years Later House Budget Committee Report – all 250 page of it and I got l-o-s-t in it! 

Now, I am not na├»ve to the Republican use of time, energy and resources of the U.S. government to campaign and/or to lay the groundwork for their own plans for the future but I gave in to my curiosity anyway … 

and that curiosity nearly killed this cat!

So, what did I learn about Ryan’s thinking about poverty in 250 pages? I learned that women should get married and then have children and then all will be well with the world.


But, I also learned that while MSM and stake holding parties have been talking about Ryan talking about poverty ~ sort of ~ for the past year Ryan has quietly been doing that foreign affairs thing POTUS wannabes tend to do:

Speaking to The Center for a New American Security (June 11, 2014) about how we have to stick like glue to Afghanistan.

Writing a CNN Opinion piece with some of his friends following a trip to Asia last month in which he pines for more U.S. military might. Leading Globally: Why America Cannot Keep The Peace Alone (May 7, 2014)

Writing an Op-Ed for Real Clear Defense about how POTUS doesn’t ask for enough money for defense but the GOP will. A Clear Choice For Defense (April 9, 2014)

Having an article in the Weekly Standard on Paul Ryan on a radio show on addressing Ukraine: ‘This Is What Happens When You Project Weakness Abroad’ ~ “In a radio interview Monday, House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan said that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is another result of President Obama's weakness on defense and foreign policy. "I think it’s one more chapter in what happens when you project weakness abroad through your foreign policy, through your defense policy, and aggression fills that vacuum," Ryan told radio host Michael Medved.” (March 4, 2014)

This is just a good read from Foreign Policy re “2016 hopeful” ~ not to promote 2016 but to note that Ryan, like all GOP-ERS is about nullifying POTUS and winning in November and 2016 and that is all, everything else is a distraction.

this is just for fun ~ Ryan’s Foreign Affairs voting record . Here's a sample for you:

And this is the most important part of all ...