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Most Anti-TPP Arguments Lack Evidence & Charges POTUS is Out to Screw America & Her People Offend


^^^  On December 3, 2014 President Obama delivered remarks and answered questions at the Business Roundtable in Washington, D.C.

Listen to the President speak and answer questions and then ask yourself: Is it true? Is it true that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP) is some secret negotiation he is conducting to screw America and her people or if doing more homework is really what is in order. (I always recommend reading the White House Blog, accessing information from the source as opposed to information filtered through talking heads and politicians with agendas, BTW)

Also, as an aside, since this is an updated Blog, let me encourage you to check out a new community set up to share information on the TPP or as some refer to it ~ an American values based economic integration, Pro-TPP, here

But, I digress, having said that, let me say up front:

One, the final agreement has not been written so you will not hear me say I know anything certain per said agreement and;

Two, I find it quite disturbing that others say they are certain they know everything per said agreement, especially when most of the time all they do is fall back on NAFTA ~ 20th  Century thinking and not 21st Century thinking having nothing to do with the current President of the United States.

I like to keep it simple so I will only touch on a few points and implore all to be a part of the process, i.e., be a part of the solution and not be a part of the problem.

(I won't even get into the Obama Doctrine, which is, simply said, a Foreign Policy that seeks to bring American Values and Principles to the global table in an effort to obtain peace and prosperity for us and for all who would like to join us in the forming of stable national economies that provide for The Common Good ~ a vision that clearly takes TPP  out of the realm of old NAFTA talking points.)

First, a large part of my volunteer work on behalf of my Party is to educate media as to the Truth of the President’s Agenda. I primarily focus on MSNBC. I hit up others as needed. In that context, I am aware that The Ed Show has been ferocious in its criticism of what it can’t possible know ~ the details of the “secret” TPP negotiations ~

Second, there is so much information on TPP at
   it was challenging to decide what to literally put on the Blog and what to merely provide links for and;

ThirdSenator Sanders recent letter to U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman that just happens to mention that, that alleged secret TPP process may not be so secret after all;

And, last but not least, I am linking below my April Blog on the same topic with the recommendation that if you are anti-TPP and if you are sensitive you do not read it as

I was a little irritable at the time of that Blog writing … interestingly enough neither the information available to me at the time nor my opinion at the time, or since, has changed much ~ although I am trying to be more patient with those who think it is okay to damn President Obama’s work to hell based on the past trade agreement performance of others when, frankly, I find judgments made on past trade agreement performances to be lacking in the complexity of what l require to make an informed decision for the future.

In lieu of evidence conclusively predictive of the future, it is my habit to follow along as a process unfolds and to do due diligence and then comment as I am doing that. I am just doing it in a different context than some as I am doing it based on the premise that -- President Obama has never given me reason to believe he does not work for what is best for America and her People and no one has proved, to my satisfaction, otherwise.

Let’s just take a quick look at what Ed and friends have had to say about TPP, and by extension POTUS, per his Blog and Facebook re TPP since 12.1 (there’s more prior to that date but it only took a couple of show segments to make the point that evidence is nowhere to be found within Ed’s rants):

^^^ A word cloud created from the December 8 program:

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership poses the biggest threat to the growing U.S. economy. As President Obama resumes trade negotiations in D.C., Ed Schultz talks to Rep. Dan Kildee, Rep. Peter Defazio and Leo Gerard about the dangers to U.S. jobs." 


^^^ A word cloud created from the January 2 program:

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership takes center stage in the New Year, as President Obama plans to take action on trade agreements. Ed Schultz, Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Larry Cohen discuss."

^^^ A snippet from Ed's Facebook page the same day as the previous mentioned show.

****** And now for a quick look at some of the language in Senator Sanders' recent letter to U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman ~ a must read letter as it just happens to mention that, that alleged secret TPP process may not be so secret after all!

^^^ A word cloud from Senator Sanders' early January 2015 letter. The article about the letter can be found here and a direct link to the letter can be found in the article. 

Finally, let's look at a copy of the TPP objectives introduction and some snippets of what can also be found here .

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Summary of U.S. Objectives:

The United States is participating in negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement with 11 other Asia-Pacific countries (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam) – a trade agreement that will open markets, set high-standard trade rules, and address 21st-century issues in the global economy.  By doing so, TPP will promote jobs and growth in the United States and across the Asia-Pacific region.

The Obama Administration is pursuing TPP to unlock opportunities for American manufacturers, workers, service providers, farmers, and ranchers – to support job creation and wage growth.  We are working hard to ensure that TPP will be a comprehensive deal, providing new and meaningful market access for goods and services; strong and enforceable labor standards and environmental commitments; groundbreaking new rules designed to ensure fair competition between state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private companies; commitments that will improve the transparency and consistency of the regulatory environment to make it easier for small- and medium-sized businesses to operate across the region; a robust intellectual property (IP) rights framework to promote innovation, while supporting access to innovative and generic medicines and an open Internet; and obligations that will promote a thriving digital economy, including new rules to ensure the free flow of data.

This document describes the Administration’s goals and objectives for TPP, and presents the main elements of each chapter from the United States’ perspective.  Negotiations toward a TPP Agreement are ongoing, and many of the elements detailed below are not settled.  These are our objectives; there is still work to be done to achieve them.  This document lays out the Administration’s vision, which the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is advancing, of harnessing trade as a tool for economic growth and supporting jobs, and building opportunity for Americans in the context of an agreement that will benefit all TPP countries.

We are committed to providing the public information on what we are working to achieve through trade negotiations, and we will continue to share this information through the press, social media, and at as we move forward in the TPP negotiations.

* Please go directly the the United States Trade Representative page for an accurate reading as the snippets are only meant to demonstrate the fact that information is most certainly available on this trade agreement despite what the opposition is saying.

^^^ Secret? I'm not seeing it...

And then there is this ~ care to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem? Ask a question and/or comment? Go here 

And, of course, in the meantime our representatives in a representative government have access to the information throughout the process and they can ask questions and comment as well and we all get to do it again when the agreement is completed and it is available for public comments prior to a congressional vote for it or against it.


It has come to my attention, that my lead in to some of the sites I have posted this Blog to is not clear on what I mean by ~

This is an updated Blog! Also, let me encourage you to check out a new, Pro-TPP community set up to share information on TPP or as some refer to it ~ an American values based economic integration, Pro-TPP,

so allow me to elaborate, briefly ...

 The "American value" I am referring to is The Common Good and I will change those leads to reflect that. 

I appreciate the feedback!

As promised: A link to my early spring Blog on TPP. 

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