Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hillary, the 2016 Democratic Party Presumptive Nominee for President, & Elizabeth Warren, the Senator from MA, will Hit the Campaign Trail Together Tomorrow

Tomorrow! Monday, June 27th Campaign Event with 2016 Democratic Party Presumptive Nominee Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren! 

( Courtesy of "Will Hillary Win" ~ Things change so always confirm Date, Time and Location...)

I am not going to talk very much because I am going to ask Hillary supporters, and other interested parties, to do a bit of homework, to watch a 40-minute video Sen. Warren posted on her Facebook Page of a speech she recently gave at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention and to pay close attention to the last 15 minutes of it -- 

before you watch Hillary and Sen. Warren share the stage in Ohio tomorrow.

Just a few contextual comments from me:

Sen. Warren is my Senator!

When she ran for office, I had read the book she wrote with her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi, "The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents are Going Broke" and I knew she was smart. I knew she did her homework. I knew she was vocal. I knew she was not an experienced politician. But, I also knew she believed government should, could serve as an agent for The People, i.e. The Common Good ~ and that is my passion, so decided to give her a shot at representing me and my state and I voted for her.

And, it is beginning to look like I was right.

Not surprisingly, there have been times I have been frustrated by her political naivety and for the most part I have worked at not taking her to task publicly but at communicating with her via the contact section of her website, with no reply necessary.

I don't agree with every word she says. I don't agree with every word she says in the video.  I do, however, see that she's a Democrat, that she's come to a better understanding of the complexities of government, of the process, of the responsibility of the voter and that she makes an even stronger case for government as an agent for The People and that makes me feel encouraged about her.

This is what she wrote on the post accompanying the video:

A future worth fighting for

I spent most of my career studying what has happened to America's middle class and why working families are going broke. A few weeks ago, I gave a Powerpoint presentation on it at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention. At heart, I'm a pretty hard-core data nerd, and I love giving this type of talk. The video here is long – 40 minutes – but if you care about the economic security of working families and what we can do to rebuild our middle class, I think you'll enjoy it.

Sen. Warren is going to be working with Hillary to assist her in winning the White House in November and she is going to be working down ticket, as well. She knows if Democrats are to succeed they need a Democratic Congress as well as a Democratic President and she's willing to roll up her sleeves and get it done.

It is my hope that Democrats will listen to her here and learn more about who she has become  during her early years in the Senate and imagine who she will become during the time Hillary will be her role model and that you-all will communicate with her to teach her when she needs teaching and although there will never be another Sen. Ted Kennedy we just might get an updated version of a Democratic lion in the Senate ...

Here you go:

Thank you for reading!

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