Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm calling BS on anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership Peeps

Some say TPP, or the Trans-Pacific Partnership, will boost the economy among international partners and support the creation/retention of jobs (paraphrased/Wikipedia). Others say it's a secretive agreement threatening to rewrite intellectual property laws across the globe, etc., (paraphrased/Electronic Frontier Foundation).

Here's what I hear in those two paraphrased comments:

The first one says President Obama comprehends that the United States is a part of the 21st Century and he is working to insure prosperity for all of us within the context of the globe. The second one says President Obama will screw America and Her workers even though they cannot know that because it is all a secret.

  Comment #2 is a position that does not compute, therefore I call BS!

Frankly, without evidence, it is not possible for me to entertain the idea that President Obama is out to screw the American worker via some secretive international trade plot to benefit the rich ~ it is not who this President is and if pro-United States voters do not know that, they've got some Google work to do.

Here's what I hear when I go back to 2008 to a brief, non-slick interview of then candidate Barack Obama answering a question posed by Pastor Rick Warren: Why do you want to be President? 

I hear that candidate say ...You know, I remember what my mother used to tell me. I was talking to somebody a while back and I said the one time she would really get angry with me is if she ever thought I was being mean to somebody, or unfair to somebody. She said, imagine standing in their shoes. Imagine looking through their eyes. That basic idea of empathy, and that, I think, is what's made America special is that notion, that everybody has got a shot. If we see somebody down and out, if we see a kid who can't afford college, that we care for them too. ... ( See the key phrase in the meme. ) ( See the entire transcript here . 

It does not compute with comment #2 as POTUS is not out to screw America and/or Her People and it is absurd to think that he is.

I've also heard that candidate say somewhere in that same period of time: ...Green jobs are the jobs of the future -- not just because they pay well and can't be outsourced. And not just because they'll help strengthen our economy and lift up our middle class. But because they'll help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and save this planet for our children. ... ( See the largest solar thermal system in the world in California's Mojave Desert 2013 in the photo. ) ( You can see more of then candidate Obama's words here . )

It does not compute with comment #2 as POTUS is discriminating re import/export in the environment in which we live ~ the global community in which we live.

Then there is all of this alleged secret talk ~ as if Congress is, once again, not in the loop! (I still remember when they said that about the collection of bulk data, too, and then we found out about those meetings they just didn't attend. Oops! Below is real time typical Senate Hearing room where the Assist. U.S. Trade Representative Lewis Karesh was sitting in the witness chair informing sometime this year. I think it would be safe to bet if something goes askew those missing Senators will be running to the cameras to say they were not informed either... ( Read a bit more about the not so secret TPP trade talks here . )

It does not compute with comment #2 as a simple perusal of the source ~ the White House website ~ provides evidence of an administration consistently striving to shed light on how the government works for The People.

And then there is the long-delayed fair/free trade agreements signed with South Korea, Columbia and Panama in 2011 ~ long-delayed, BTW, because the GOP did not want to provide training funds for American workers who might be adversely impacted by the agreements but POTUS stuck to his guns because, it seems, POTUS is not really comparable to past trade agreement makers. Contrary to the charges being bandied about he is out to protect the American worker/Not screw the American worker. ( Read more on that here . ) ( And give this a shot, too ~ read an actual fact sheet on the South Korean trade deal here . )

It does not compute with comment #2 as typically because the Truth of what POTUS does is not what a large number of the electorate Google.

I'm going trust you've had enough. It can be a drag wading through international trade information, for sure. Suffice it to say,  if you fear the sky is falling due to TPP Google it and verify it -- or not -- for yourself.

Let me leave you with this though ~ a snippet from the mission statement of your Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, which works in a global ( ^^^ )capacity under President Obama: 

American trade policy works toward opening markets throughout the world to create new opportunities for families, farmers, manufacturers, workers, consumers, and businesses...

And, let me leave you with the a link to the source ~ the aforementioned Office of the U.S. Trade Representative here .

If you do your homework, I suspect you will find not much computes with comment #2.