Saturday, April 5, 2014


Most Democrats know the Democratic Party has the numbers to beat the GOP ~ but the real question is, does the Party have the energy to beat both the GOP AND the Puritopians, too?

(SPOILER ALERT: I BELIEVE WE DO! And I believe that because a movement, the likes of which we have not seen before, is pushing back and rising up in the South and spreading beyond it’s borders ~ The Moral Mondays Movement.)

BTW, I'm defining the GOP as anti-Federalists who lost the battle for a land of sovereign states (as opposed to one nation) and as Confederates who lost the battle for a land split in two (also, as opposed to one nation).

I'm defining Puritopians as Democrats who are unhappy because liberal policies are not being implemented fast enough for them and who dislike GOP-ERS but reserve their greatest disdain for Democratic presidents they attack for not being progressive enough or for being just like GOP-ERS no matter what ~ even nullification.    

Back on topic: Why I believe ...

On Monday, Feb. 8, 2014 North Carolina’s Moral Mondays movement held a “Moral March” and10’s of 1000’s of activists from 32 state protested against right-wing policies and rallied for equality and justice in North Carolina and beyond. Led by an African American in a Southern state, the Moral Mondays movement is growing in leaps and bounds and colors and issues. And NC NAACP President and Leader of the Moral Mondays movement The Rev. William Barber II says we “ain’t seen nothing yet.” (Paraphrased.) 

So, while the GOP fights to return us to The Articles of Confederation and while the Puritopians bitch, Democrats need to know energy IS out there and it can be found in the Moral Mondays Movement. We need to Google it, engage it, help build it and schedule a blue wave to hit on Election Day.  
I'll leave you with the words of POTUS:
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