Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Frankly Speaking: Mid-Week Grievance ~ It's Important to my Political Mental Health that I Find 10 Things I can be Grateful for this Thanksgiving Day Holiday!

It really can be difficult to be a grateful Democratic activist in this environment flooded with GOP-anti-U.S.-Government hate but as one of those activists who can't give up on our representative government way of life it was important to my political mental health that I find 10 things I can be grateful for this Thanksgiving Holiday! And I did...


I am grateful I was born and raised just out side of Boston, Massachusetts, where, when I was child, pride in a revolution fought to put the goal of leaving an Aristocracy behind and striving to create a More Perfect Union was our assimilation. I always knew our history mattered.


I am grateful that I attended public schools, 12 years of them, taught by teachers who, primarily, understood the importance of steeping new citizens in a mix of academics and civics with a strong underlying belief in The Common Good as the glue that held us together.


I am grateful that as a young teen, I was able to watch John F. Kennedy run for the presidency and, in the process, teach us that everyone had a responsibility to be a good citizen and that everyone had something to offer ~ from serving in the Military to the Peace Corp to everything in between.


I am grateful that as an older teen, I was able to watch Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, despite losses endured when we lost Jack, Martin and Bobby, and see the passion and the sacrifice for their visions of what is possible touch my generation, deeply.


I am grateful for my children and my grandchildren who I hope I have been able to instill some of our history as a People and the belief that we can always do better and that we should because, imperfect as they were, our Founding Fathers were on the right track.


I am grateful that my husband and I have been able to introduce our children and our grandchildren to our Capitol City because it is still a place, despite all of the criticism it gets, that can architecturally reinforce the power of those whose shoulders we stand on.


I am grateful to have had Senator Edward Kennedy as my Senator because now I know what a representative of The People is suppose to be ~ human, flawed and dedicated to the health and welfare of The People because the success of our nation depends on it.


I am grateful that in 1992, I was able to attend, with 100's of 1000's of women, a pro-choice march in Washington, D.C., where choice crystallized for me as a way of life and where I first really recognized the power of women ~ if it could only be harnessed.


I am grateful for my early work as a nurse's aide because it taught me that life is term limited; for my work as a journalist because it taught me responsibility goes with the work of informing and; for my work with women because it taught me that we can accomplish so much more as a village.


I am grateful for the opportunity I had to volunteer on behalf of our current President, Barack Obama, and I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer on behalf of our next President, Hillary Clinton ~ two transformational public servants working to move us from one Century to another while keeping the best and leaving the rest even as the resistance rages on.

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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