Sunday, May 18, 2014

I abhor Democrats who risk Democrats losing to the GOP in November via Disingenuous calls for action


I am not going to name names because this is not a court of law and I am not making a legal case,

I am merely pointing out an example, recently received in my inbox, where a call for presidential action (in regard to Net Neutrality) clearly demonstrates how some political directors of some advocacy organizations ask their members to take action that is absolutely not doable by the target and because they are asking anyway their motivation needs to be questioned and/or the work needs to proceed without them ~

particularly in a case like the one you will see in the e-mail below calling for action based on the false premise that the action being asked of the President is doable ~ because it is not ~ but it does cast him in a negative light and risks a negative impact on the his favorable numbers which most advocacy/political operatives know is a critical factor in winning in November.

FYI: Independent Agencies are created by Congress via statutes ~ not by Presidents because they are INDEPENDENT…

And, BTW, before we get into more detail and I risk losing you, let me give you a to-do list you can use to take action on your own, re Net Neutrality, without any worries about the axes some organizations may have to grind:

To Do:

Create the message you’d like to send the FCC ~ where the power lies to solve the issue of concern re, in this case, Net Neutrality.


Comment on the FCC public comments site:

E-mail them at:

Tweet them at: @FCC

Tweet the FCC Chairmen at: @TomWheelerFCC

Call them: 1-202-418-1000

Fax them: 1-866-418-0232

I highly recommend doing all of the above. Personally, I love the imagery of all modes of communication humming in the offices of those who need to hear what We The People have to say! 

Moving on ~ Via editing and paraphrasing I have disguised the e-mail as the agency that sent it to me is only one out of many who offend me with their disingenuous-ness. But, the pitch is, as follows:

May XX, 2014

Gail –

On Thursday, President Obama's recently appointed FCC Chair made a proposal that might give internet providers the right to build fast lanes for some and slow lanes for everybody else.

Over the next two months, the FCC is asking the public to comment on which option to adopt: A two-tiered internet that favors those who can pay for it or one that maintains a level playing field for all.

Concerned citizens have been weighing in.

But, the President’ voice has been missing.

And progressive organizations are now asking the President to take a stand against the corporate takeover of our internet. (Next line you can click to sign a petition asking POTUS to NOT kill the internet, as if he I working to kill the internet, etc…) And then there is that stuff they says he was for it and now he’s weak on it and The People must make him understand…

XXXX XXXX, Political Director

FYI: President Obama cannot direct an INDEPENDENT agency to do anything…

For the record, I support Net Neutrality but that does not mean I should be ignorant as to how my own system of government works and it does not mean I should blindly follow the lead of advocacy agencies, some of whom appear to be misleading.

Further, it does not mean that I should not question the motives of advocacy agencies that are not working on behalf of The People in the context of fairness to the President and Democrats winning in November.

Otherwise, I may be working for the right cause but I am also may be undermining my President which only serves to undermine the November election.

I don’t know the why ~ I just know I am not doing it.

So, here’s what I am going to do ~ I have provided you with a to-do list, I’m going to provide you with links to some very valuable information and I’m going to star where the President’s voice has been heard – in case you’d like to know more on this particular subject:

Relevant links:

FCC leadership:

An interesting bit of video by the previous FCC Chairman talking about the court decision that has caused the problem:

The decision:

FAQ’s re the previous FCC Chairman’s idea ~ A Third Way:

A good website, seems to be the work of the previous FCC Chairman:

*** POTUS Administration response to a We The People Petition ~ February 2014:

*** In 2011, POTUS directs Executive Agencies to (and I summarize and I paraphrase) work on behalf of The People in all things:

***Almost immediately afterwards he clarifies re the independence of the agencies:

And, last but not least, POTUS wants We The People to weigh in because he knows who he represents and because it gives him leverage to get it done.

 So ~