Sunday, May 4, 2014

Question: Does good always win? My guy doesn't know!!!

The good news is 69,498,516 people voted for Obama/Biden 2008; 59,948,323 voted for McCain and Palin. 

The bad news is that 59,948,323 Americans believed that John McCain AND Sarah Palin could both be President of the United States. 

More bad news is that 739,034 thought it was okay to vote for Ralph Nader (Independent); 523,715 thought it was okay to vote for Bob Barr (Libertarian); 161,797 thought it was okay to vote for Cynthia McKinney (Green) and; 242,685 thought it was okay to vote “other.”

(And, just for the record, 199,750 voted for Chuck Baldwin (Constitution) but they don’t count for purpose of this discussion because their votes are for secession from the Union so they are never, ever going to do the right thing.)

On the surface it appears as if wasting one’s vote for a noble purpose in a presidential election does no harm BUT that will not be true in the mid-term election in November when the numbers will be a lot tighter than they were in 2008 (or even 2012).

This is not a scientific study, this is just me pondering some of the numbers I come across here and there that make me question what seems to be a prevailing attitude "out there" that the "Tea Party" is just a "fringe element" of the GOP ~ the implication being not to worry ~ but the numbers I see defy that prevailing attitude ... they are ALL GOP and more than a few people vote for them when they run for office!

Just for the fun of it, let's take a look at some of those numbers:

This post, excerpted from Palin's Facebook Page and edited a smidgen for space, posted on her page on April 26. As of may 2, 17,134 people had Liked what she had to say!

In her home state of Alaska presidential election numbers went like this: GOP (2008, 193,841; 2012, 164,676) and Democrats (2008, 122,640; 2012, 123,595).

This post, excerpted from Cruz's Facebook Page posted on his page on May 2. As of a couple of hours of posting 5,391 people Liked what he had to say!

In his home state of Texas presidential election numbers went like this: GOP (2008, 4,467,748; 2012, 4,555,799) and Democrats (2008, 3,521,164; 2012, 3,294,440). 

This post, excerpted from Ayn Rand Org, posted on the page May, 1 As of May 2 5,224 Liked it!

Purely for informational purposes, registered Libertarian voters in the 30 sates where voters can register by party there is a combined total of 330,811 voters registered under the party. 

And all of that makes me feel quite uncertain as to the veracity of the statement noted above: 
“…The good outnumber you and always will.” 

Is it true?

(Also, see 2012 Registration totals at Ballot Access News December 1, 2012,  p.3.)