Sunday, August 10, 2014

If You Follow POTUS You Know We Aren't Going To War

MSM, apparently, does not know where to get information about what President Obama is thinking about Iraq/ISIL ~ Do you?

For those who do not follow President Obama closely:

 like MSM Peeps whose preference is to divine the news;
like wannabe Commanders-in-Chief whose preference is to push war;
and/or like hard-working Americans who legitimately do not have the time it takes to do their own research, allow me to direct you to a place or two where you can hear from the President directly with a few clicks of your mouse while you, I hope, at the same time,
ponder the context from which he speaks which is: His record provides no reason to not take him at his word.

If you go to the White House Twitter feed you will see this:

If you scroll down the Twitter feed, to the right of that logo, you will find a prominent photo of POTUS meeting with his National Security team ~ use that as a starting point and scroll back up through August 7 to August 9 and you will find what the President has had to say about Iraq/ISIL including, as we will see later, a press background briefing by senior staff members.

(As time passes from the moment of the publication of this Blogspot, I trust you will find even more information than I am referencing here as, contrary to popular belief, POTUS puts information out there, regularly.)

The first relevant Tweet announced the first conversation the President would have with the American People to report on the current situation in Iraq and it looks like this:

The second relevant Tweet declared the President's intention re the potential for another war with Iraq and it looks like this:

The third relevant Tweet, referenced the second conversation the President would have with the American People to provide an update on the current situation in Iraq and it looks like this:

And the last relevant Tweet (all relevant Tweets defined as relevant from my point of view, of course) links to a copy of the Senior Staff Background Briefing of media on the current situation in Iraq and it looks like this:

My favorite highlight of the Background Briefing is this:

   Thank you, very much.  Can you say how you could break this siege without targeted airstrikes?  And if that were to take place, do you expect it would be with a coalition?
SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  Sure, Andrea.  I’ll start and my colleagues may want to come in.  The President has authorized airstrikes if we believe they're necessary to help break this siege.  So we will be driven by military decision-making as to whether or not there are targets that present themselves that can help relieve the pressure on Mount Sinjar.  And we will be watching that very closely.
As my colleague said, we have dedicated a substantial amount of ISR over Iraq and intelligence resources that enable us to track the situation.  And one of the two military actions that the President authorized is not just humanitarian airdrops, but airstrikes to support a relief of that siege on the mountain.
And the Peshmerga has been engaged in that area, so they will continue to provide support to the Yazidi population.  And again, as we can provide air support to relieve that pressure, the President has given the military the authorization to do so.
I don't know if my colleagues -- if you have anything to add there.
(Mmm. Wonder what Andrea that was asking how the siege can be broken without targeted air strikes when … as she was informed in response to her question ~ POTUS had actually ordered targeted air strikes? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess she does not follow POTUS closely and she did not listen to POTUS address the nation.)

For more information from the source go here ...

To wrap it up ~ let's travel back in time a bit to an August 2009 analysis of words spoken by President Obama as of January of that same year. It is an analysis that reaffirms my belief that this President has been never swayed from his initial desire to add to the creation of a "more perfect union" and I do not expect him to stop now by re-igniting one of two wars he has extricated us from.

And let me leave you with this to remind you to pay attention and to have your say with your representatives but to get right back to the work of getting out the vote in November because: One, anything else is a distraction and; Two, >>>