Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time Is Running Out. Stop Being So Nice. Tweet GOP Truth ~ Every Single Day ‘Til The Last Poll Closes!!!

Two weeks ago, I wrote about one simple action Democrats could take to help boost President Obama's favorable numbers which, in turn, helps all Democrats running for office in November Tweeting and ReTweeting #POTUSpositive hashtagged information!

It's only common sense ~ if voters like President Obama they are more likely to vote his Party up and down the ticket which is more likely to give him (us!) a Congress he can work with.

 The great news is a lot of people have been Tweeting and ReTweeting #POTUSpositive hashtagged information!  BUT. Now it’s time to step it up and add in to the mix Tweeting and ReTweeting #GOPnegative hashtagged information so while we are Clicking POTUS numbers up we are also Clicking GOP numbers down. I think that’s called a win-win for us.

At the time of that Blog, two weeks ago, the approval numbers for President Obama were disappointing and they still are but that just tells me Democrats need to work harder over the next 40+ days to out message the crude, rude, ignorant anti-U.S. Government GOP. After all, we do have the Truth on our side which is clearly demonstrated in #POTUSpositive and #GOPnegative hashtagged information that can reach 1000's via Twitter!

The current numbers for your own information:

Now I’m going to be honest with you and tell you, personally, I do not put a lot of  stock into poll numbers as there are just too many variables. But IF President Obama's numbers were 50+, even 60,  there would be little question as to the validity (or not) of the poll because the positive impact of a high number alone would likely translate into a positive impact up and down the ticket so ~ without it ~ the calculation has got to be that the polls are right and the Democrats are in trouble.

Now seems to be a good time to view some #GOPnegative information:

This first example came my way as a meme first ,so using the information on the meme and the #GOPnegative hashtag I wrote the Tweet, attached the meme and Tweeted it.

The second example came my way via an article first, so using the #GOPnegative hashtag I basically repeated the article headline and Tweeted it.

As a result, anyone can search the #GOPnegative hashtag and ReTweet any of the #GOPnegative Tweets that appeal ... (The same is true of the #POTUSpositive hashtag, a well, BTW.)

A few more examples for you:

Let me leave you with this:

First ~ if you are already Tweeting and ReTweeting Positives and Negatives ... Thank You!;

Second ~ How to very easily get set up on Twitter if you are not; 

Third ~ An example of an source for #GOPnegative information (and, BTW, I always advise, if at all possible, to confirm the information you are going to send into the Twitterverse);

Fourth ~ If you are interested in connected with like-minded, relatively troll free digital activists check out Unite Blue here

And, Finally ~ A really cool map that will give you a visual of how Tweets can multiply across the nation. You really need to click the link and wait a second to get the best effect but this is what it looks like as a still of Tweets lighting up cyberspace: