Sunday, October 26, 2014

End of Month FAV Memes ~ All Shareable Between Now and Tuesday, November 4th! #SaturateTheMarket

From today 'til Tuesday, November 4th it is all about the Voting ~ 


 No excuses per POTUS and FLOTUS, both of whom have been working it across the country to get out the vote on behalf of the Democratic Party...

My goal is to saturate my "market place" i.e., flood my favorite social media platforms with memes that remind and inspire Democrats to go to the polls.To that end, I will be making every effort not to give the GOP the time of day ~ unless, of course, it is to Speak Truth to that Lying To Win GOP.

I hope you will join me in that work and push like-minded messages forward until the last polls close on Tuesday, November 4th!

*** Below, please find some of my favorite memes ~ consider re posting them and consider posting a favorite of your own using the hash tag #SaturateTheMarket so I can find them on Google+, Twitter and Facebook and re share them!


A fabulous piece of work via Gorilla Pig that needs to be posted every day!

There's something wrong when half the electorate actually hates this thought with every fiber of its body ( or bodies). 

Back to back Kennedy men who hailed from my state! Courtesy of Meme GOP

I came across this recently and Oh My Gawd it is too perfect for words  ~ Courtesy of Brenda Cornwell Ehler. 

Elections have consequences. Courtesy of General Sherman's March To the Sea.

Speaking of elections having consequences. Courtesy of Occupy Democrats

 I just do not know what to say if there is a woman out there who would actually vote GOP. Courtesy of Tioga Pa. Democrat.

If you do not find hypocritical behavior acceptable, don't accept it. Courtesy of Lady Liberals.

"... We need a better congress." It's as simple as that.

And that ^^^ is the truth ~ I'd just add the GOP did not just nullify a duly elected American President, they also nullified our votes. There's only one response to that ... vote 'em out and never let 'em back in.

And last but not least ~ one more time, VOTE Tuesday, November 4th! ~ Courtesy of The Blue Book ..


(* If anyone has the name of the creator of the JFK meme defining Liberal and/or the POTUS needs a better Congress meme, please share so I can give credit for this wonderful work. TY)