Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Top 10 Democratic New Year’s Resolutions for 2015!

I resolve to do my part to win in 2016 beginning in 2015 ~ to stay focused on the Democratic Platform because we are all members of one Party with the same values and the same principles with tactics being the primary difference between us. 

I resolve to never call the GOP “The Tea Party” because they are not The Tea Party. They are the GOP. The real Tea Party was made up of Patriots who stood up against taxation without representation. They did not stand up for not paying one’s fair share.

I resolve to work harder to wake Democrats up because the GOP is winning. They are cheating and lying and suppressing but ~ they are winning. They are proverbially drowning government in the proverbial bath tub and they are turning the United Sates into 50 nation states.

I resolve to repeat and repeat and repeat ~ GO TO THE SOURCE for information in support of the Democratic Administration in the White House. We are running out of time, but informed voters who do their own research and draw their own conclusions still have time to banish the GOP and win in 2016.

I resolve to expand my work critiquing main stream media and calling on them to re-commit to historical roles as government watchdogs and informers of the electorate ~ key to preserving a U.S. that can continue to work toward a more perfect union.

I resolve to commit to being more disciplined in using hash tag messaging across the social media platforms I am a part of in an effort to capture the interest of Democrats who really need to be tempted to follow up on posts and expand their knowledge base.

I resolve to never, ever waste more than 20 minutes of my precious time and energy, maximum, on GOP-ERS whose only goal is to distract Democrats from their goals of banishing them from power and winning in 2016. 

I resolve to stand by the General Welfare of the Nation as codified in the U.S. Constitution by our Founding Fathers and non-believers of The Common Good as so codified are anti-U.S. Government to my way of thinking. (Section 8 of Article 1) 

I also resolve to walk away from my lap top screen more often.

And, I further resolve to walk away from my lap top screen more often II.



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