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Warning! Impolite Language ~ The Moral of this story is: Screw You Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA)

Attorney General Eric Holder (AG) handed in his resignation so I thought I’d take a quick look to see what I could find to read about his tenure under President Obama. I have a great deal of respect for our public servants and, where it is necessary, I like to be an informed respondent when the haters bring their hate.
You will not believe what I found! 

The object of Congressman Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) well documented effort to destroy this man has actually been a very, very successful AG ~ even more successful than I thought, but you will have to wait for that.

First, the generic bio of the man:

Born in NYC in 1951 * Attended Columbia Law School * Was an associate judge of the D.C. Superior Court under President Reagan * U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C. * deputy attorney general under Clinton * senior legal advisor to Obama’s presidential campaign * first African-American Attorney General in history * Announced his forthcoming resignation in September of 2014…
Mother was a telephone operator * Father was a real estate broker * Both parents held strong ties to Barbados * Father emigrated from Saint Joseph * Mother's family emigrated from Saint Philip * Eldest of two brothers * Grew up in East Elmhurst, Queen Attended public school in neighborhood until the fourth grade, when he was selected to participate in a program for intellectually gifted children * Attended Stuyvesant High School * Captain of the basketball team *  Earned his high school diploma and Regents Scholarship…
Attended Columbia University * Received his bachelor's degree in American * Attended Columbia Law School while clerking for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Department of Justice's Criminal Division * Graduated and the Department of Justice gave him a job as part of the attorney general's honors program, assigned to the newly formed Public Integrity Section, which investigated and prosecuted official corruption on the local, state and federal levels…
Associate judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia,  presided over hundreds of civil and criminal trials * U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C. under President Clinton, where he created a domestic violence unit, a community prosecution project and a program for restricting gun laws * Deputy attorney general, also under Bill Clinton, where he developed and issued the "Holder Memorandum," which spelled out the guidelines for the criminal prosecution of corporations, developed rules for the regulation of health care, and assembled a task force that determined how to investigate criminal investigations of high-ranking federal employee * Afterwards, he  joined the private sector to work at the law firm Covington and Burling * Joined Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign as a senior legal advisor, and later served as one of three members on Obama's vice-presidential selection committee * He was appointed and confirmed as the 82nd U.S. attorney general in 2009, making him the first African-American attorney general in history.
He is married to obstetrician Sharon Malone. The couple has three children: Maya, Brooke and Eric. They reside in Washington, D.C.
As an aside, his wife’s sister, his sister-in-law is Vivian Malone  

who “ … sought to enter the campus on 11 June 1963, Governor George Wallace, in a highly publicized confrontation, met them and attempted to prohibit their entrance. His stand in the doorway to Foster Auditorium was an attempt to enforce the proclamation that he gave in his inaugural gubernatorial address, "Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!" He had said during the address that, if necessary, he would physically place himself between the state's all-white public schools and any black person who sought to enter them.
Wallace's confrontation came in front of the national media and with state troopers surrounding the auditorium. President John F. Kennedy's White House and Wallace's office had discussed the impending confrontation as Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy hoped to avoid bloodshed and negotiated what would occur when the students sought to enter. At first Wallace refused to abide by the federal court order, citing what he called the constitutional rights of states to operate public academic institutions. After Alabama's National Guard was federalized, however, Wallace finally relented and Malone and Hood entered Foster Auditorium, registered, and had no further encounters that day. Both students also entered the next day without incident. … “

As an aside II, the fact that the word “lynching” is still in the news makes me wish the AG was staying for the next two years, as I am a believer in having qualified public servants who know where it’s at in positions that can really affect change.

Edited (by me) some ACCOMPLISHMENTS UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER per the United States Justice Department, all accomplished while, as with President Obama, his very existence in his position was/is resisted by the GOP.  More details can be found here :

On his first day as Attorney General, Eric Holder promised the Department's top priority — and its chief responsibility — would be protecting the security, rights and interests of the American people. Five years later, together with the extraordinary men and women who serve at the Department of Justice, that promise has been fulfilled and under Attorney General Holder the Department will continue its important work on behalf of all.


The Department of Justice has thwarted multiple terrorist plots against the United States. Since the beginning of 2009, the Justice Department has thwarted multiple terrorist plots against the United States; convicted and incarcerated scores of individuals on terrorism-related charges; and gleaned critical intelligence from and about terrorists through the criminal justice system.

(A few that were highlighted by the Justice Department: The Department of Justice has successfully executed ground-breaking counter intelligence operations. The Department of Justice has prevented U.S. military and strategic technologies from falling into the wrong hands. The Department of Justice has continued to identify and disrupt Narco-terrorist networks. )


Violent crime rates have steadily declined in the last five years as the Department has successfully prosecuted national, international gangs and traditional organized crime groups.  The Department has aggressively pursued fighting traditional organized crime groups like La Cosa Nostra (LCN) while addressing evolving and emerging threats – from street gangs to transnational organized crime groups – which continue to pose significant threats to the safety and security of our communities.

(A few that were highlighted by the Justice Department: The Department has successfully arrested and prosecuted large numbers of dangerous fugitives. The Department is working to hold accountable those responsible for the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. The Department is using innovative law enforcement strategies to prosecute cyber and intellectual property crime. The Department has provided unprecedented support for state and local law enforcement partners. The Department has made an unprecedented commitment to ensuring officer safety. The Department is supporting effective prisoner reentry and reinvestment programs.)


The Department has investigated and held accountable those responsible for financial fraud.  In 2009, President Obama created the Financial Fraud Task Force to hold accountable those who helped bring about the last financial crisis. Since its formation (see link provided above for that list!)

(A few that were highlighted by the Justice Department: The Department has secured justice for victims of lending discrimination or fraud. The Department has vigorously enforced the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). The Department launched innovative programs to stop fraud in the residential mortgage-backed securities market. The Department has successfully prosecuted international cartels and domestic collusion conspiracies. The Department has prevented anticompetitive mergers and preserved market competition. The Department has established the most effective strike force in history to protect Medicare money. The Department has returned historic amounts of taxpayer dollars through the False Claims Act. The Department has expanded efforts to combat corruption at home and abroad. The Department has made historic progress in combating the diversion of controlled pharmaceuticals. The Department has made historic efforts to investigate and prosecute offshore tax evasion. The Department has protected billions of dollars claimed in abusive tax claims.)


With no opening paragraph accompanying this section, I will just to (A few that were highlighted by the Justice Department: The Department has aggressively prosecuted child exploitation and pornography. The Department has charged a record number of human trafficking cases. The Department has enforced the Religious Land Use of Institutionalized Persons Act. The Department has effectively used the landmark Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr.  Hate Crimes Prevention Act to enhance hate crime prosecutions. The Department launched the Defending Childhood Initiative. The Department has made significant investments to keep young people and communities safe. The Department has modernized the definition of rape in the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. The Department has made an unprecedented commitment to reducing violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women. The Department continues to vigorously enforce the right of equal access to the ballot box. Expanding Equal Employment Opportunity in the Workplace. The Department launched the first-ever Access to Justice Initiative. The Department has spearheaded unprecedented efforts to reform police departments throughout the country to ensure constitutional police practices. The Department has protected tribal sovereignty, tribal lands and resources and tribal treaty rights. 

And, just two more …


The Department has demonstrated its historic commitment to transparency.  Upon taking office, President Obama issued a memorandum on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which directed agencies to administer the Act "with a clear presumption: In the face of doubt, openness prevails." On March 19, 2009, Attorney General Holder issued new FOIA guidelines that embrace the call for greater transparency and "a new era of open Government." Under these guidelines, the Department has made significant strides in improving access and transparency.


The Department has renewed its commitment to Environmental Justice.  In this 20th anniversary year of the signing of Executive Order 12898, which directed each Federal agency to make achieving environmental justice part of its mission, the Department remains steadfast in its commitment to pursue environmental justice for all Americans.  Over the past four years, the Department renewed its commitment to environmental justice, which is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.  This was done in many ways, including by working closely with other federal agencies to coordinate environmental justice efforts, by engaging communities to an unprecedented degree, and by achieving meaningful results for vulnerable communities in its cases.

To summarize, the moral of my story is:

One: Respect our public servants enough to do homework!

Two: Speak up on their behalf!

Three: Vote!

And, last but not least:

To return to my thesis statement (or, in this case, my headline) ~

Screw You Issa !!!


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