Sunday, April 19, 2015

If I Had a Magic Wand I Would Create an Environment of Democratic Clarity in the 2016 Election Cycle

If I could wave a magic wand I would create an election cycle where all Democrats clearly understood all Republicans want to return to a pre U.s. Constitution ratification era and re-write said Constitution based on their belief that a federal government, i.e., THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is wrong and a 50-sovereign-state-land, yet to be named, is right. And that is just the appetizer...

Personally, I don’t need to know any more than I already know to know that my primary goal is to win and to banish Republicans from power and my principle tactics are:

One ~ Make an effort to educate as many Democrats as I can;

 Two ~ Make an effort to persuade as many Democrats as I can that the “issues” are secondary to winning (at the moment!) and;

Three ~ Make an effort to vote a straight Democratic ticket (unless it appears a Democrat will do more harm than good and I’m not seeing that happening).

There’s a lot of noise out there as Election 2016 is kicking off but I am of the mind that Democrats have got to stay focused on the taking back of the Senate; the beginning of the  taking back of the House and; the keeping of the White House! 

If we lose, we will be less relevant than we are today ~  end of story...

I am not going to get into all of the Democratic issues, nor am I going to get into the rank and file process of the Democratic Party, you-all can Google that, what I am going to get into is this ~

I am of the mind that questions of candidates have to begin with a bit of a civics literacy test before proceeding to the issues at hand to:

One ~ Put them on notice that the electorate is knowledgeable enough to know that if candidates do not know how the system works they cannot adequately represent us and

Two ~ Put them on notice that if they do not know how the system works they’d better learn, otherwise they cannot recognize the real danger Republicans present and worse than not being able to adequately represent us they will be rendered impotent.

A simple example from a simpler time, prior to a black man winning the office of the U.S. Presidency and a Republican Party reacting with Obama Derangement, thousands of questions were asked of all of the candidates seeking the White House in 2008 and all of the candidates declared their intentions but only one candidate prefaced the answer to a question that now escapes me with this and I paraphrase:

~ Well, I will have a Congress but … and then candidate Hillary Clinton went on to share with the audience what her intention around her particular thinking would be ~

That was a critical response for me as it reaffirmed my support for her over candidate Barack Obama throughout the nomination process because it demonstrated she was not going to stand there and make promises to the electorate without acknowledging that the United States system does not allow for Kings and/or Queens and we have checks and balance and she was not afraid to say so.

But I digress, for today I am losing my patience with Democrats who are stuck in the day of politics as a noble profession based on compromise and good manners ~ that is NOT who Republicans are and if we want to:

One ~ Keep our decades old Democratic Republic intact and

Two ~ Stand a chance of returning to the good old days of predominantly Statespeople on the Hill in D.C. we’d better wake up and smell the coffee.

Here’s a list of the top 10 questions I am planning on asking all candidates BEFORE I get to my Issues agenda, reserving the right to flex them dependent on the situation!

(You should feel free to borrow and or to adapt. Also, I strongly encourage you to do this is writing to cut down on political pontification and to have a copy available to you for fact checking purposes.)

One ~

What are the top three changes you would like to see made to the Constitution? Why?

Two ~

What are the top three departments of the federal government you would like to see eliminated and what are the top three you would like to keep. Why?

Three ~

Do you support Federal Supremacy? Why?

Four ~

Do you support Separation of Church and State? Why?

Five ~

Do you support the General Welfare? Why?

Six ~

Do you support the concept that corporations are people? Why?

Seven ~

 Do you support public school system? Why?

Eight ~

Do you support ratification of ERA? Why?

Nine  ~

Do you support the privatization of America? Why?

Ten ~

Do you support the Electoral College process? Why?

And, now, just for fun, a very simple key to my questions for me:

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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(* Credit for the magic wand goes to: Darren's Chalk )