Sunday, May 3, 2015

First of Month FAV Posts ~ Shareable, Informational and/or Actionable Are All Always Possible

All I'm going to say about that reminder ^^^ is: The GOP is winning.

Democrats need to share Democratic highlights/messages with Democrats. We cannot depend on main stream media to do it for us. Please feel free to share my favorite posts and/or to take action where appropriate. Take the Best; Leave the Rest, but market Democrats!

I know messaging is not always sexy and it can be annoying on days when we have to take several steps ~ click, save and then post ~ but  it will be a lot more annoying if we have a GOP Congress AND a GOP President in 2016.

 My personal habit is to save Democratic each highlight on my Desktop; I create a Highlights Today folder and drop each Highlight into the folder; when I have a block of about 15 minutes of time ~ I share them all directly from that folder to my favorite social medium platforms.

 I am of the mind that if we are to be an informed electorate we need to begin with becoming informed of the comings and goings of our own Party, particularly our Party Leadership as, opposed to popular opinion, they are diligently working on our behalf.

Also, the more space Democrats take up on cyberspace the less space the GOP will have!

Today, I am sharing primarily from the Democratic National Party (DNC) website and Facebook page, just click on the links and share from where they live. If you have not signed up yet you can join both here: Website and FB Page.

One: What are Democrats all about? ~ 

^^^ (Snippet!) The DNC sums us up to be all about opportunity for all! A great under one minute video clip can be found here

(Personally, I'm fond of saving a brief video clip like this to have on hand to respond quickly to anyone I'm communicating on line with who doesn't know or who needs to be reminded.)

And now for some shareable memes ~ Please take a moment and move them out to your friends!

Two: Our first two Democratic primary candidates ~

^^^ Yes, they are rivals but we all work under the same Platform and we really only vary tactically. You can Facebook that here.

(Having said that, I am a Hillary supporter but I appreciate any Democrat willing to put him or her self out there on behalf of our nation and I will completely support the winning nominee so I make every effort to keep my passion in check and remain civil. POTUS is my states-person-like role model.)

Three: love IS love ~  

^^^ We really can't share that one enough, can we? You can Facebook that here.

(It is what it is!)

Four: I trust scientists ~ 

^^^ Frankly, this meme style is one of my favorites -- a message edited down to it's essence. You can Facebook that here.

(I am not liking this throwback to the Dark Ages that is happening!)

Five: I believe in equal rights no matter what ~

^^^ May equality finally become "settled law" in my lifetime. You can Facebook that here

(Way past time for an Equal Rights Amendment, too! Just sayin'.)

Six: All Lives Matter ~

^^^ A President of all of The People. You can Facebook that here.

(I was reminded of what a tragedy it is when life does not seem to matter when watching a young woman come to the microphone and speak to justice on Friday and I burst into tears. It should not be that rare.)

Seven: If everyone voted, we'd win ~ 

^^^ For my purposes progressives are Democrats sharing a Democratic Platform! You can Facebook that here

(No comment required.)

Eight: Yeah! Congratulations to Loretta Lynch ~ 

^^^ And congratulations to us, too! You can Facebook that here.

(The right woman at the right time, Methinks.)

Nine: "A free and equal Democratic society is worth your struggle. ... " ~ 

^^^ We can't be silent. You can Facebook that here.

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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(* William Martin meme courtesy of Miss R*EVOLutionaries.)