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Speaking Truth to Those Who Won’t Hear is Exhausting, so Just a Quick Hit Today on Some of My Current Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Talking Points ...

If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny. I do not know how this President maintains his composure and doesn't just full out facepalm re this TPP kerfuffle but he does!

This is my big picture point of view today so don’t expect my usual details and citations – 
I’m way too tired of doing TPP homework for other people so I’d much rather you determine your own concerns, do your own homework and make your own decisions after you have done said homework because the loudest voices out on the circuit just may not be giving you the facts.


Of course, actually getting facts has always been our job but it is more important than it has ever been right now because the ignorance out there just, well, quite frankly, abounds and even our most trusted sources need to be fact checked.

Perhaps the most distressing thing I have heard throughout this TPP debate, though, has been the mocking of TPP supporters for accessing and reading and disseminating information from the source. In this case, I would be one of those TPP supporters and the source would be the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.  

But, the mockers say it’s propaganda from, you know, 

the government…

The more I heard that the more I came to believe ~

One: Said mockers do not know that the government is us and that the government, in the form of the Obama Administration, is serving us via their duly elected positions, representing us at the table shall we say, based on the majority vote of the President X’s 2 or 

Two: Said mockers do know that the government is us but they do not accept our form of government and until they get their preferred form of government, which is this case seems to be direct democracy, they will obstruct progress.

Or both. Because one can be uninformed of a process and still want a new one, right?

Don’t get me wrong ~ of course we should not just blindly believe and of course we don't have to agree on the form of government we have but, as one who does favor our current system, I find it disrespectful and destructive to not work within that system while working to change it, assuming that is what one wants, via running for election and amending and legislating as one sees fit after one wins.

To do otherwise is to give the GOP the states (nearly completed) the Congress (accomplished) and the White House – perhaps coming soon…

That is not a progressive outcome.

But, I digress. Like it or not, President Obama is the chief negotiator re TPP. His vision is on the table. And all of his negotiations flow from it.

Further, per our process, those negotiations are accessible, first, by our representatives who can see and discuss and, second, by us who can also see and discuss.

And, frankly, if one is ignorant of the vision and ignorant of the process one's assessment (s) will be lacking context required to test veracity and one will merely be an ill-informed comment on a thread and one's motivation will be questioned -- at least by me.

But, it’s not too late ~ everyone can actually find all they need re video and publications and catch up … kind of like we all do with the new Neflix concept of series binging! It’s easy. Just schedule the time!

My Talking Points 1, 2 & 3:


I was a Hillary supporter for the Democratic nomination for President in 2008.

 When President Obama won the nomination, I checked him out very, very carefully and concluded that he shared Hillary’s thinking -- to say it simply, The Common Good (my thinking, too!) and that he was going to shift American foreign policy from -- to also say it simply, Might is Right to Diplomacy juxtaposed with demanding responsibility for world problems from all nations – not just the U.S. and I voted for him President Obama twice to represent me in a representative form of government. I tend to let him do that job.

I was pretty clear that he believed in American values and principles and that he also believed those values and principles just might be able to be extended beyond our borders to benefit us and those who would like to partner in that work with us so a larger vision of what a trade agreement could be was not a leap for me...

I observed him because policies speak louder than words and every decision he makes lends itself to what I have come to refer to as The Obama Doctrine: 

Loosely defined as, moving us into the 21st Century by positioning us to attain peace and prosperity through the building of strong economies based on The Common Good on a global level in conjunction with willing partners.


Staying within the framework of the big picture, I have read the President’s 2015 Trade Agenda and I use the document to check information as provided – via the source – against the vision and the values and the principles and the actual Agenda of the chief negotiator to gauge if he is on track:

Key to that Agenda is the to-date, in my experience, non-disputable fact that the President’s trade policy is focused on “Middle Class Economics and negotiating strong agreements with enforcement essential to our ability to compete on a global level in the 21st Century, setting a new standard based on our values and principles protecting our workers and our environment and the understanding that under TPA, Congress (our representation) is in charge. Presidents negotiate with foreign countries – but only Congress can implement a trade agreement. Congress retains all of its Constitutional authority and, as provided for in the Constitution, either chamber of Congress can change its procedures at any time – including revoking TPA. This is exactly what House Democrats did in 2008 when they were unhappy with the outcome of trade negotiations.


 I am committed to sharing the truth as it is presented by the chief negotiator across my favorite social media platforms. I am open to evidence-based information on either side of the debate.

I am not open to he said/she said; to I like him or her so it must be true (or not); to NAFTA references or; to representative democracy resisters.

I am not alone in this work, there are many people out there who are doing the same thing –
 stop and read and learn and offer truth you can cite if you believe their truth to be wrong or, perhaps, keep on going…

I have actually had people known to me insult my intelligence, accusing me of following blindly and I have actually had people defriend me because they simply cannot tolerate my point of view. Crazy. And unproductive. Just sayin'.

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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