Sunday, July 5, 2015

First of the Month Favorite Hillary Clinton Posts ~ Shareable and or Actionable, Depending ...

Just for fun: Fourth of July Parade 2015 in Gorham, New Hampshire

Democrats always need to work at messaging Democratic Truths...

But nobody needs truth messaging more than my candidate for the 2016 Democratic Nomination -- Hillary Clinton – who is not being honestly described by many, including but not limited to opposition and talking heads, as the long-time progressive Democrat she is, in my humble opinion of course, so Hillary is now the focus of my recurring First of the Month Favorite Posts Blog!

Please feel free to use the direct links provided and share and/or to take action when and where appropriate.

Take the Best; Leave the Rest. But push the truth!

For your own information, my personal habit is to share directly from Hillary's social media platforms and to save favorites on my Desktop for later sharing. I create a Hillary memes folder and drop them into the folder and when I have a block of about 15 minutes of time I share them all directly from that folder to my preferred social medium platforms.

( * I am providing direct Facebook links on which you can click and share with your friends. To share on Twitter, Google +, etc. you’ll have to do the annoying thing and download and save and re-post...)

If you Liked Hillary's Facebook Page, she thanks you for being one in a million!

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" ... Today we say to the families of Mother Emanuel and to all of the people of Charleston, 'You do not walk alone.' ... "

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"We can't hide..."

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" ... it shouldn't fly anywhere."

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Amen and Awomen to that!

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"The story of America ... "

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"The U.S. Export-Import Bank ... " supports small businesses.

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Just Google Clinton Health Care Plan 1993 for some background on that one...

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" ... automatically registered to vote ... " Why not?

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