Sunday, July 26, 2015

My End of Month Democratic-Party-Related Favorite Shareable and Sometimes Actionable Posts!

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FYI: This is a working Blog! Because Democrats need to share Democratic Favorites with Democrats. We cannot depend on main stream media to move our messaging for us. Please feel free to share my favorite posts and/or to take action where appropriate. Always ~ Take the Best; Leave the Rest, but share Democrats with Democrats!

I know it can be annoying to have to take several steps ~ click, save and then post ~ but it will be a lot more annoying if we have a GOP Congress AND a GOP President in 2016.
 My personal habit is to save each Democratic-related favorite on my Desktop. I create a Democratic-related Favorites folder and drop each Favorite into the folder as I find them and when I have a block of about 15 minutes of time ~ I share them all directly from that folder to my favorite social medium platforms.

 I am of the mind that if we are to be an informed electorate we need to begin with becoming informed re the thinking of our own Party members, particularly our Party Leadership as, opposed to popular opinion, they are diligently working on our behalf. Also, the more space Democrats take up on cyberspace the less space the GOP will have!

Today, I'm going to give you links to my Twitter posts  where you can Tweet these memes directly or you can save them to your desktop and copy the them and adapt them and make them your own ~ you can also share them on any social media platform you would like!

(Always remember to give credit where you can! So many great messaging Democrats out there to be recognized.!

The GOP gambles on fear, don't succumb ~ Register Democrat and Vote Democrat!

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(The link in the meme did not take me where I wanted to go to identify the creator so if anyone knows who should get credit please let me know in the comments section! TY)

" ... Don't Be Silent. ... "

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Courtesy of Miss Revolutionaries

" ... Proof ... Improvement in lives of Americans has been Initiated by Liberals and Opposed by Conservatives."

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Courtesy of Occupy Democrats

" ... I am OVER ... " it!

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An inadequate media is missing President Obama's earning of his Nobel Peace Prize via the Obama Doctrine ~ Democrats cannot afford to miss it!

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Courtesy of UniteWomen.Org 

No. Both parties are not the same!

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Courtesy of 

Full Disclosure: I am supporting Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic Nomination ~ I am adding this into a Democratic mix because: There is No evidence that she is not trustworthy ~ only GOP subterfuge and inadequate MSM ~ and I would like to think all Democrats would step up and defy that Big Lie!

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(Creator unknown.)

" ... class, grace, dignity and perseverance ... "!

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Courtesy of Occupy Democrats

.G., aka Partisan Democrat

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