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We Can Not "Make the Right Choices & Meet the Challenges That Face Us" Without Accurate Information & Each of Us is Responsible for Determining Truth

Normally, in this space at this time I would be highlighting monthly Democratic accomplishments for reminding and for sharing but as I am quite delightfully watching friends of Hillary Clinton, primarily in the form of Correct the Record, Hillary Men, The Briefing and rank and file supporters, across social media platforms stand up and talk back to a Hillary biased media, in turn informing the electorate, I decided it would be more productive for the advancement of my candidate to the 2016 Democratic Nomination for President to share some of my favorite sources and if they are not on your list of favorite sources you can add them! (You should feel free to share yours, as well...)

No lectures. No pontificating. Just a nudge: Do your own homework. Go to the source whenever possible. Make your decisions based on facts. And, if you are an activist, campaigning for a candidate (or an issue), commit to perpetuating truth to the best of your ability and not GOP lies and/or media divination.

Then, perhaps, we can make the right choices and meet the challenges that face us.

In my own daily work as a Democrat and as freelance volunteer working for the election of Hillary Clinton, my personal effort is to inform media personnel  so they might, if they choose  to so so, do their jobs and inform the electorate of the truth of our future President's Democratic policies. I primarily do that via Twitter.

I go to the source and and I listen and I read and I interpret for myself because even the best of efforts being made reporting today are mixed with advocacy, commentary and entertainment minus context and it is just not working.

 I always encourage: Trust and Google it! 

My suggested list of sources is as follows:

* Directly POTUS:

The White House Website (A great site to explore what can be available at the source that may never makes it into the main stream. Blog. Statements. Daily Press Briefing. Live speeches. Video. Etc. Every public official won't be as sophisticated but every public official should provide information that is available at it's source and not filtered by a third party.)

Start here

Then click on the Briefing room to begin to explore.

* Directly Hillary:

Hillary Clinton Website here

Correct The Record here

Hillary Men here

A couple of great journalists/commentators on the politics of women's issues/campaigns:

Michelle Goldberg here 

Irin Carmon here

A few great bloggers on current campaigns/issues: 

Robert Creamer/Huffington Post (political organizer/strategist) here

Joe Cirincione (Iran deal -- plus) here

Steve Benen (producer/writes for Maddow Blog) here

A few good/well informed reporters
whose facts are good more often than not but -- always beware Hillary pique and compulsion to divine:

Lynn Sweet. (D.C. Bureau Chief for Chicago Sun-Times) here

Anne Gearan (National politics correspondent for the Washington Post on the Hillary campaign trail) here

Amanda Terkel (Senior Political Reporter and Politics Managing Editor at the Huffington Post) here

Maggie Haberland (NYT First Draft. Beware, formerly of leans right Politico but very well connected. Also on the Hillary campaign trail) here 

Sam Stein. (Senior Politics Editor. Huffington Post) here

Kurt Eichenwald (Contributing editor to Vanity Fair. He seems to only step into something when it is big enough to draw him in now but he's got a great reputation with me) here 

A few good general “news” commentators/Columnists:

Joan Walsh (Columnist. National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation) here

Susan page (USA Today Washington Bureau Chief) here

Joe Conason (Editor-in-Chief National Memo) here

Connie Schultz (National Syndicated Columnist. Generalized.) here

Alex Wagner (Formerly of MSNBC Now With Alex. Generalized) here

Joy Reid (Formerly of  MSNBC The Reid Show. Generalized with a grasp of Stand Your Ground/Black Lives Matter, etc.) here 

Ari Melber (Formerly of MSNBC The CYCLE. Brings the law to bear constitutionally) here 

Ari Berman (A contributing writer to Nation Magazine/Voter suppression specialty) here

A couple of good /foreign affairs military commentators:

Mikey Kay here

Steve Clemons here


Because I go to the source more than I do not, reading print is fairly random. I will check articles from: Political and The Hill –
even though they lean right -- as they are pretty good at having the current D.C. Pulse …

And, of course, I check a whole lot of stuff posted across social media, as well as specific newsletters I subscribe to, etc.

As is my habit here, Take the Best and Leave the Rest!

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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