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First of the Month Favorite Hillary Clinton Posts ~ Shareable and Sometimes Actionable Depending...

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FYI: This is a working Blog! because Democrats always need to work at messaging Democratic Truths...

But nobody needs truth messaging more than my candidate – Hillary Clinton – who is not being honestly described by many, including but not limited to opposition and talking heads, as the long-time progressive Democrat she is, in my humble opinion of course, making Hillary the focus of my recurring First of the Month Favorite Posts Blog!

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Take the Best; Leave the Rest. But push the truth!

For your own information, my personal habit is to share directly from Hillary's social media platforms and and other favored sites as well to save favorites on my Desktop for later sharing. I create a Hillary memes folder and drop them into the folder and when I have a block of about 15 minutes of time I share them all directly from that folder to my preferred social medium platforms.

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The briefest, clearest and best explanation I've heard yet of the meaning of the personal is political is drawn out of Hillary by Lena during their recent interview! We really, really need to get this!

^^^ Brief clip  of Hillary explaining the personal is political

You can read the story in full at the source here

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My observation is that the GOP primary strategy is the CLASSIC BIG LIE ~ persuade the masses that Hillary is not to be trusted! If you are ever in a position where you need to counteract the inauthentic charge -- show 'em this! It's about a 30-minute speech she recently gave at the Human Rights Coalition. It clarifies who is authentic and who is not. Spoiler:  Hillary IS and GOP is NOT! Nor, by the way are any of her opposition who are perpetuating that Lie. Think about that.

And... believe me when I tell you media will never ever report on all she said in this speech. It is up to you to seek it out and to share it.

^^^ The video, provided by the source can be viewed here

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Surprise, surprise, surprise! The despicable GOP have been running an anti-Hillary for Pac out of what were once known as the hallowed Halls of Congress...

^^^ Hillary Spokesperson, pictured in the above snip, on recent reports that Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy admits that the House investigation into Benghazi is nothing but a political farce.

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Hillary shares President Obama's sentiment re mass shootings in the U.S.: Action MUST accompany prayer!

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Wendy  Davis knows a leader when she sees one and she endorses Hillary!

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The GOP seems to remain wedded to that "Maker" "Taker" philosophy they discovered in Ayn Rand fiction as adolescents.

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