Sunday, February 7, 2016

Stopping to Reflect & Re-energize so I Don't Slip & Fall into the Mud ~ Which is Much Easier to do Than to be a Gentle Woman & or Man! Come with me if You'd Like...

I am so ticked off at the ignorance and the rudeness being exposed in this Democratic 2016 Presidential Nomination that today I have to Stop, Reflect & Re-energize so I don't slip and fall into the Mud ~ which, BTW ~ is much easier to do than to be a Gentle Woman and or a Man! Come with me if you'd Like...

I love being aware that our nation was actually founded more on the way of the Native American than on the way of the "white man." I love being aware of that because it gives me a place to go to re-tap into the temperament I aspire to, which is more represented by my choice for the nomination (Hillary Clinton), when I need to get a grip on my own frustration and not become what I am fighting – Crude, Rude, Ignorant, Civics Illiterate anti-U.S. Government citizens, which is more represented by the opposition to my choice for the nomination (Bernie Sanders)!

It is not an easy goal to accomplish every single day! If you read me, the first part of the process will not be totally new to you ~ it starts with a Smudge (a meditation I do weekly, mentally, to clear the noise from my mind and to clear the desire to, sometimes, teach those who do not want to be taught):

And once my mind is clear (er), I try to take the time to review my favorite pinned Native American affirmations to reaffirm the base from which I choose to work in taking action as a participant in my own Representative Democracy. Here are my top 10 favorites (for today). No talking. Just sharing. Take the Best; Leave the Rest. And then, it is back to work for me where I will work at being good-mannered!:

For more on the Native American influence on the forming of our government read my blog from the vault, "Two sets of Founding Fathers inspired our Nation..." here

Thank you for reading!

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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