Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hillary UP! Or Lose what Ben Franklin Clearly Identified, when Asked: A U.S. Republic IF we can Keep it!!!

It is my observation that too many Democrats have difficulty understanding neither 20th Century thinking in the 21st Century is going to bring peace and prosperity to a United States that now plays in a global sandbox and not in an imperialistic sandbox (extreme right) or an isolationist sandbox (extreme left) nor is anti-U.S. Government sentiment (both extremes).

It is also my observation that civics illiteracy in this nation, which has permeated the population, including the media, may very well hasten our downfall in November 2016 if Democrats do not vote for the best candidate thereby preventing either extreme from winning.

I have a vision of the only Democrat in the race (Hillary Clinton!) winning the White House, assisting in taking back the Senate and increasing the numbers in the House in November but that is not going to happen if Democrats, on paper or in their hearts, don't fulfill their civic duty as informed, participating citizens in their own government.

And for many, that may include an immediate pause and a quick review of how our system works because it is not, as it seems to be believed fairly widely, our system that is not working -- systems are only as good as those who are running them -- it is our electorate that is not working.

Everything is more complicated than what I will provide here for your consideration, of course, but I'll kick start a quick and simple review of our system after which I will hope the most critical question will be asked when listening to candidates for the presidency of the United States (and the media) ~ is it true? followed up by fact checking it on Google!

About a 10-minute clip on our form of government!

About a 9-minute clip on the three branches of government!

About a 7-minute clip on how a bill becomes a law!

Clearly, collaboration in government can be very important so take a peek and see which candidate for president has the best chance at that!

Also, many in the electorate, it seems, do not understand how the Democratic Party works, i.e., the Democratic National Committee structure, so I'll leave a few relevant links that might be helpful in clarifying that the Party is made up of rank and file members who through hard work and time put in at local levels across the country earn their way to top Party positions.

And, last but not least, it is my experience that Hillary is the only candidate for President of the United States who fully understands AND who accepts how our system works and she does not pretend otherwise. Since her first race for the office in 2008, she has noted as she has shared her policy proposals that we do, indeed: Have a Congress!

Thank you for reading!

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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