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Ignorance: Not a Choice Anyone Should be Making when Deciding who will Represent in a 21st Century World...

Having said that ^^^

Please allow me to demonstrate how easy it is to go a known source and to be an informed voter by using my candidate for the 2016 Democratic Nomination for President as an example via “The Briefing,” which is one of my favorite sources!

(You know my candidate is Hillary, right?)

Here are my top 5 issues briefs from her camp (today!)

~ not from her opposition: Sanders, Media and/or GOP!:

" ... Harnessing the Strength of Manufacturing Nationwide, as she did in Upstate New York

Hillary believes that manufacturing matters because workers who build things here are the heart of our economy. Well-paying manufacturing jobs support families, and making things in America here is critical to our innovation and prosperity. Throughout her career and in this campaign, Hillary stood up for American manufacturing.

As Senator, Hillary fought for workers and manufacturers in New York. She stood up to China when they tried to put tariffs on New York’s exports. In communities across the state, from Buffalo to Rochester to Albany, Hillary brought together government at every level, workers, and businesses large and small to join and invest in good-paying jobs and production in the state. Today, in Syracuse, Hillary is providing more detail on her vision for American manufacturing, with a $10 billion investment in “Make it in America Partnerships” that will take her strategy to stand with manufacturers in upstate New York nationwide. This new proposal will be largely paid for based on revenues from Clinton’s previously announced “clawback” proposal that would rescind tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs abroad.

While too many politicians and experts in Washington gave up on American manufacturing, Hillary never did. That’s why she believes we need a comprehensive strategy to break down all the barriers to making things here, and ensure America’s global leadership in manufacturing. We need to buy what America makes: 100's of billions of dollars of investment in our nation’s infrastructure and making America the world’s clean energy superpower will drive demand for jobs, equipment, and production here. And she will oppose trade agreements, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that do not meet her high standards for creating good jobs, raising wages, and enhancing our national security.

Last Dec., Hillary put forward five principles for winning the global race for manufacturing jobs. Today, she is providing more detail on the principle of harnessing the strength of manufacturing communities nationwide through “Make it in America” partnerships, reiterating the principles she has already discussed throughout this campaign: ... "

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“... And it means we need to support our coal miners, their families, and their communities. Coal will remain a part of the energy mix for years to come, and we have a shared responsibility to ensure that coal communities receive the benefits they have earned—and can build the future they deserve. That’s what my plan does, by safeguarding retirement and healthcare benefits and school funding, creating good-paying jobs in infrastructure, reclaiming and repurposing abandoned mining sites, expanding broadband, and investing in hydropower and clean energy. And I will launch a Coal Communities Challenge Fund to support the locally-driven economic development in health care, housing, and small business that is happening by coal communities, for coal communities. ..."

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" ... Senator Sanders is attacking Hillary Clinton over contributions from people who work in the financial industry – but here’s an important note: Despite taking more campaign contributions from Wall Street than any candidate in history, no donation stopped President Obama from enacting tough Wall Street reforms. The truth is progressives, analysts and reformers have praised her approach to tackling risk in our financial system while protecting financial reforms from Republican attack: ... "

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This has to be a national priority. What happened in Flint is immoral. The children of Flint are just as precious as the children of any part of America.

– Hillary Clinton, House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church, Flint, Michigan, February 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton knows that the children of Flint have waited too long for help. For nearly two years their parents spoke out about problems with the city’s water—only to be silenced and ignored. Later, scientists and pediatricians backed their concerns up with evidence—and yet they were told that they still did not have proof that there was a real problem.

We now know that the population of Flint has been exposed to dangerously high levels of lead in the water—and the children who have been exposed are most likely to suffer long-term consequences. Hillary Clinton has called on Governor Snyder to resign, but she knows that alone doesn’t solve the problem.

Enough is enough: Hillary Clinton is not going to wait to help the people of Flint. After visiting herself and sending her daughter and senior campaign officials to learn more from community leaders and experts on what the community needs most, she has announced that she would: ... "

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" ... Hillary Clinton has a plan to help 40 million Americans with their debt by focusing on five key elements.  Sanders talks so much about free public college – But he doesn’t spend much time on the people who have debt right now.  Here are the five key elements of Hillary’s plan with a ✔ (Sanders’ plan covers it) or an X (Sanders’ plan doesn’t cover it). ... "

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