Sunday, April 10, 2016

Another Opportunity to Get Hillary's Back ~ Virtually ~ Throughout April 14 re a Democratic Debate Hosted by CNN & Held in Brooklyn! #ImWithHer #ShesWithUs

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Join me in getting Hillary's back Thursday, April 14!  

All you need is a social media account on Twitter, Facebook, etc., to participate...


... the network will host a presidential primary debate on Thursday, April 14 from 9 to 11 p.m. EST. Wolf Blitzer will moderate.The candidates will take questions from Blitzer, along with CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash and NY1 “Inside City Hall” Host and CNN Political Commentator Errol Louis.

YOU CAN PARTICIPATE, TOO, by informing social media followers about Hillary and her policies at a time when millions of eyes will be scanning every word across all social media platforms for the best comments and memes.

IT IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Hillary supporters to share her message: 

~ To suggest questions directly by contacting Wolf Blitzer here

~ To promote Hillary as the best choice for President by posting across favorite social media platforms throughout the day and evening on Thursday, April 14th!

Personally, I'm a Tweeter and I like to schedule my Tweets throughout the day because it frees me up to do live response work leading up to and during the debate but if everyone, aside from taking action in real time, can just schedule something at a personally convenient time, that would be awesome. Hillary Time all day!!! And, remember hashtag #ImWithHer ! 

  You can sign on and let Hillary know you've got her back here 

You can find more information on the CNN event here

(Always confirm info as everything is subject to change.) 

* Here are my top five favorite posts (today!) to get you started ~ 

You can share the meme on Twitter here

You can share the meme on Twitter here

You can share the meme on Twitter here

You can share the meme on Twitter here 

You can share the meme on Twitter here

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