Sunday, November 30, 2014

End of Month FAV Memes to Share in Between doing the Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning & Celebrating the Holidays!

^^^ Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning, Celebrating & Sharing Memes!

Main Stream Media is anxious to get to sucking up air time divining the 2016 Presidential Election. The GOP is anxious to get their voters to the poll re the 2016 Presidential Election. For Democrats both are distractions from supporting President Obama’s Agenda in the here and now and from doing what we can do to get his back and to, sometimes, even inform him as well!

The President has always asked us to share our thinking with him and to lobby him when we feel we need to ~ we just, in my humble opinion, need to do it in a way that is respectful of him and the Party he leads, i.e., not banging the Democratic brand or the office of the presidency.

I’m just as busy as the next person over the next many weeks but Democrats really need to keep front and center and remind the electorate that we are not abandoning a key aspect of the work which is to move the Truth about the President’s Agenda across as many platforms as possible.

It’s actually a two-for-one deal if we think about it: Supporting the President’s Agenda informs the voter and gives the voter a reason to vote.

** Below, please find some of my favorite end of the month memes that might serve the purpose ~ some old and some new ~ including the first one re the United States Post Office which asks that an action be taken to rescue it from the clutches of the GOP and Vulture Capitalism.

 You should feel free to re post them all, as well as to share your favorites in the comments section and I will move them out!!!


^^^ You can sign a petition in support here .


^^^ Keep this one on file for the next two years and longer if former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declares!

^^^ The same for this one, too!

^^^ This one is going to come in handy with the GOP ready to "work" on budget issues per Lying Ryan as they are moving into taking their place as the majority in both the House and the Senate.

^^^ Did I mention GOP and budget?

^^^ Even if you don't decide to randomly post this one it's a good one to have on hand to respond to Libertarians without having to converse. (Courtesy of Americans Against the Libertarian Party.)

^^^ A personal favorite...

^^^ When, indeed.

^^^ One of my favorite responses to the time/energy sucking GOP . 

^^^ This is great any time you need to say: I'm proud to be a Liberal!

Stay present throughout the Holidays if it is at all possible. Post when you can. Schedule posts if you can. Just don't concede messaging to the GOP.

Thank you for all you do ~


(Listed are the links to the Christmas photos I used in the first meme that were available. As always if there is no credit given it is because it didn't appear to be required (like Christmas at the White House!) or I was unable to find it and I always appreciate it if someone can fill in any missing blanks so I can immediately rectify any gaps. TY!!!

^^^ XMAS Shop 5th Ave.

^^^ Kwanza

^^^ Winter solstice

 ^^^ Eid ul Fltr