Sunday, November 9, 2014

Let’s Keep it Simple Democrats ~ We All Signed on to the same Platform: D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T

And the beat goes on ...

Or maybe not, because the "Democratic Leadership," according to some, was/is unable to meet what, in the real world, amounts to fantasy the minute the Constitution and the rules and the environment and things like that come into play. But let's think this through for just a moment because:

I find it so ironic that the GOP is fighting so hard to dismantle the United States of America in favor of 50 sovereign states and, at the same time, some Democrats are fighting just as hard to dismantle the Democratic Party and the best advice that comes to my mind comes from Ben Franklin: We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately, in the context of birthing the nation.

Let’s just all sit with that a bit, shall we?

Having said that, as the shock and awe of the November 4th losses wears off, it seems it would be wise for all Democrats to re-read the 2012 DemocraticPlatform and reflect and decide if we can all hang together, or … hang separately as, assuredly, we will.

Excerpts for your quick reading pleasure:

Now that we are done with that ~ if we can just view our potential candidates for our nominee in the 2016 presidential race as depicted below we'll be a whole lot better off:

BIG P.S.: For all intents and purposes Bernie is a Democrat in my book. He super majority votes with Democrats and he sits on Democratic Committees and that's enough for me. Perhaps when/if he declares we will know for sure but 'til then ...


(*** As happens sometimes the creator of a meme is not noted on the meme and that is true of the Ben Franklin meme. As I always say, if you know whose work it is, please let me know and I will credit it immediately! TY)