Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Grievance ~ Some Young Adults don't get Respect Deserved for Work Done Around Media & Politics!

You can check out President Obama's 1st 360 degree photograph here!

As noted, I am a fan of a few YouTubers.  Granted, I am usually only checking out YouTubers who have been selected to interview the President of the United States so I am checking out the best of the best but, as also  noted, they deserve more attention and respect than they get outside of their YouTube world. 

Clearly, they bring new faces to the table but they also bring a refreshing approach to media based on their own experiences, to date, and they ask questions that say more to me about them than about the President (all good!). Although, I do get to learn much more about the President than I do on main stream media because neither question nor answer is all mixed up with the typical ratings competition and biases to which I've become accustomed!

This is who the YouTubers are:

Ingrid Nilsen!

Destin Sandlin!


You can find the entire interview and more here! Trust me, you will not be disappointed by either the YouTubers or the President!

I'll leave you with one great question (by Sandlin) and answer by President Obama to give you an idea of what you are in for!

President Obama on "Obamium"

Destin Sandlin: "I asked Reddit what I should ask you. You have the top 'ask me anything' of all time, so you’re very familiar with Reddit. So one question that came up is, if there was an element named after you, Obamium...what would you want the physical properties [to be]?"

President Obama: "That’s interesting. Well, I would want it to be stable....I would want it to be a catalyst, but one that didn’t get too hot or too cold....and hopefully it would be one that was useful to humanity, that we could actually use, and wasn’t just some shiny object that somebody liked."

Thank you for reading!

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