Sunday, May 15, 2016

In a World of Interaction Good Manners Matter!

The rumbling of a shift in the 2016 Democratic Nomination process has begun – as "Bernie Sanders Supporters Propose 'Mobilizing Voters'  to Beat Donald Trump"

The only real question has been the same question it's always has been: 

Will Democrats vote? Because, if Democrats vote; Democrats win!

The addendum question as we move through the process has become:

 Will Democrats vote for candidate presenting a culture of good manners or a candidate presenting a culture of no manners? And, it matters, because few people in this world want to collaborate with those who reject good manners in a world of interaction.

Cards on the table: I supported Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for President in 2008. I made the adjustment and supported Barack Obama once he won the nomination.

That is simply how it works. As a member of the Democratic Party I have agreed to a representative system of self-governance, with a particular focus on making agreed to adaptations every four years as we proceed to each convention and, with all due respect, I adhere to it.

Frankly, as a Hillary supporter it was up to Sen. Sanders to change my mind. 

He did not. In fact, I disqualified him from consideration very early on when he 1.) Decided to pretend to be a Democrat and; 2.) Presented with a culture of rudeness that offends me and he's done nothing to alter either negative. (I will have to revisit that decision if, by some miracle, he wins over the best candidate for president in my lifetime. But not today.)

I am of the mind that, at this point in time, I have heard all I need to hear. And the closer we get to wrapping up the nomination process, the simpler I like to keep it: 

I'm blocking out the noise and I'm focused on the work style of the candidate I would prefer to see in the Oval Office.

Surprise! Good manners win the day! In a representative government, success can not be achieved without good manners. And Hillary is the only candidate who has them.

Having said that, the good news, as I said in the beginning is: 

The rumbling of a shift in the Democratic 2016 Nomination process has begun which indicates to me, someone on the pro-Sanders side gets it and more Democrats will vote and Democrats will win!



By By Yamiche Alcindor

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