Sunday, May 29, 2016

This is a Working Blog in Support of Hillary ~ Let's Step It Up & Wrap it Up in the Next Few Days! Shall we?

This is a Working Blog for Hillary ~ 

Let's Step It Up & Wrap it Up in June!

Please allow me to share three of my "stepping it up" for Hillary tactics this weekend with you! Feel free to borrow whatever works for you and might get it done for her!

And, feel free to share your tactical work toward a Hillary win with me ~

I may just borrow some of yours, too!



June 4-7 Virtual Support of Hillary Via the 2016 Presidential Democratic Nomination Process!

Join me in scheduling positive Hillary information/memes/etc., leading up to the beginning of the end of the 2016 Presidential Democratic Nomination Primary Season and a Hillary win!

All you need is a little time and a social media account on Twitter, Facebook, etc., to participate!

With 9 Caucuses/Primaries left in June to elect a 2016 Democratic nominee for President this is a Great Time to Share Truth about Hillary Across your Favorite Social Media platforms!

For a strong impact schedule posts/tweets from June 4-7 as Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and D.C. prepare to choose the 2016 Democratic nominee for the presidential election IT IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Hillary supporters to have her back ~ To promote her and her policies as the only choice by posting across favorite social media platforms throughout the day and evening.

Personally, I'm a Tweeter and I like to schedule my Tweets at a convenient time and it would be great if everyone could do something so it will be Hillary Time all day each day as voters head to the polls!!! Remember hashtag #ImWithHer so other supporters can find you and Retweet you.

(The only thing I ask is that participants keep in mind we are citizen supporters of Hillary and our behavior should follow her lead ~ as best we can... TY) 

Please check in and let Hillary know you have her back, by the numbers, here


Click to arrive at the site, click on your state, click to thank your delegates who are supporting Hillary!

“Unpledged delegates, or “super delegates,” are delegates to the Democratic Convention who are not required to pledge their support to a candidate until the convention. Unpledged delegates are members of the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Governors, Democratic Members of Congress and distinguished party leaders.

A large majority of unpledged delegates have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. … Share your appreciation on social media today.”

You can take action here

Courtesy of Correct the Record 


Democratic National Convention Committee will hold Platform Hearings Across the Country!

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Platform Drafting Committee Chair Elijah Cummings (D-MD) today announced a series of Democratic Platform hearings across the country designed to welcome every voice in the Party. The drafting committee will solicit input from policy experts as well as Democrats from all walks of life."

See regional event dates and online submission link here

Thank you for reading!

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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