Sunday, October 11, 2015

Suggested Questions for CNN' s Anderson Cooper re 1st Democratic Primary Debate on Tuesday the 13th

Anderson Cooper will moderate Tuesday's debate...

Full disclosure: I am a Democrat. And, I am a Hillary Clinton Democrat. But, technically speaking, my door is open to Democratic candidates until my vote is cast so today I ask questions to glean information from all of the Democratic candidates not to campaign for my candidate.

For clarity purposes only: I do not consider Sen. Sanders to be a Democrat.

The anti-U.S. Government extremists in this country are winning and as a pro-U.S. Government Democrat I am of the mind that the electorate needs to know if Democratic and non-Democratic candidates, alike, seeking 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination are anti- or pro- U.S. Government before they can make an informed decision as to who they will cast their vote for based on individual tactical policies created to best implement the 2016 Democratic Platform and my top 10 suggested questions for  consideration for Tuesday's debate are primarily designed to shed some light on that.

 I strongly encourage all to take on the roles of Citizen Journalist and/or Citizen Activist and use the contact links provided below and share your own questions with Cooper for consideration today!

Having said that, 1st Debate of the Democratic Primary will be held Tuesday, October 13th at 8 p.m. on CNN!

And my questions are as follows:


Do each of you support our Party system in the context of the Democratic National Committee? If not, what would you change? Why? How? Also, what role have you each played in our Party system throughout your lifetimes?


All candidates make proposals they are rarely asked if they are achievable? Can each of you cite your top three proposals that go toward making life better for The People and your primary strategy for moving them through the legislative process and to the President's desk for signing into law.


Can each of say you will be a President of all of The People? If yes, how do you see yourselves leading a pluralistic nation which at different times has had/does have biases toward, for example but not limited to, the wealthy, the poor, women, etc.?


Do each of you support the constitutionality of the Supreme Court? Do each of you support the designing of and implementation of a code of ethics for the Supreme Court via the legislative process and what would be your top 3 ethical priorities in such a code? If not, why not?


Do each of you support constitutionally settled law? For example, do you support the constitutional Roe v Wade? If not, how do you justify your position? If yes, how do you see yourself standing up for it?


Referring back to a code of ethics for the Supreme Court, do you think it should be a code of ethics violation if a Supreme Court Justice makes a decision diametrically opposed to a response provided during the nomination process like, for example, a statement that is unequivocal in support of settled law but proves not to be true in practice?


In light of constitutional Federal Supremacy, do you ever support State Supremacy? If yes, give an example and explain how you justify it? If not, please give an example of a time, in your experience, State Supremacy v. Federal Supremacy has been an issue how you have stood up against it.


It is a matter of record that the GOP strategy following the election of President Obama was/is to nullify him. Do you support the strategic nullification of a duly elected American President? If so, how do you justify the nullification of majority rule via peaceful elections? If not, what have you done to in response to this treatment of the President of the United State?


Do you support the constitutional General Welfare of The People of the U.S. thereby support the general welfare of the nation? Selecting one current issue, elaborate on your answer in the context of what is best for the country.

Generally speaking, in the 21st Century, do you support the U.S. Constitution as it is? If not, what would you change? Why? How?

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But, ask!

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