Sunday, May 29, 2016

This is a Working Blog in Support of Hillary ~ Let's Step It Up & Wrap it Up in the Next Few Days! Shall we?

This is a Working Blog for Hillary ~ 

Let's Step It Up & Wrap it Up in June!

Please allow me to share three of my "stepping it up" for Hillary tactics this weekend with you! Feel free to borrow whatever works for you and might get it done for her!

And, feel free to share your tactical work toward a Hillary win with me ~

I may just borrow some of yours, too!



June 4-7 Virtual Support of Hillary Via the 2016 Presidential Democratic Nomination Process!

Join me in scheduling positive Hillary information/memes/etc., leading up to the beginning of the end of the 2016 Presidential Democratic Nomination Primary Season and a Hillary win!

All you need is a little time and a social media account on Twitter, Facebook, etc., to participate!

With 9 Caucuses/Primaries left in June to elect a 2016 Democratic nominee for President this is a Great Time to Share Truth about Hillary Across your Favorite Social Media platforms!

For a strong impact schedule posts/tweets from June 4-7 as Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and D.C. prepare to choose the 2016 Democratic nominee for the presidential election IT IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Hillary supporters to have her back ~ To promote her and her policies as the only choice by posting across favorite social media platforms throughout the day and evening.

Personally, I'm a Tweeter and I like to schedule my Tweets at a convenient time and it would be great if everyone could do something so it will be Hillary Time all day each day as voters head to the polls!!! Remember hashtag #ImWithHer so other supporters can find you and Retweet you.

(The only thing I ask is that participants keep in mind we are citizen supporters of Hillary and our behavior should follow her lead ~ as best we can... TY) 

Please check in and let Hillary know you have her back, by the numbers, here


Click to arrive at the site, click on your state, click to thank your delegates who are supporting Hillary!

“Unpledged delegates, or “super delegates,” are delegates to the Democratic Convention who are not required to pledge their support to a candidate until the convention. Unpledged delegates are members of the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Governors, Democratic Members of Congress and distinguished party leaders.

A large majority of unpledged delegates have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. … Share your appreciation on social media today.”

You can take action here

Courtesy of Correct the Record 


Democratic National Convention Committee will hold Platform Hearings Across the Country!

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Platform Drafting Committee Chair Elijah Cummings (D-MD) today announced a series of Democratic Platform hearings across the country designed to welcome every voice in the Party. The drafting committee will solicit input from policy experts as well as Democrats from all walks of life."

See regional event dates and online submission link here

Thank you for reading!

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dear Democratic Party Members: It is Time to Reject the Guy From Vermont Who is Using & Abusing Democratic Party Hospitality / With All Due Respect!

Dear Democratic Party Members:

I am not always successful but I work at being respectful in the context of my politics and even though I instantly rejected the guy from Vermont as a viable choice in the 2016 Democratic Party Nomination process -- because he is not a Democrat and because he is a man without the courage and conviction of his own belief system, choosing to crash my Party for his own political expediency and to not start his own party -- I continued to work at being election cycle respectful. It is how I was raised.

But, I've had enough not so much because of his duplicity but more because of his sweeping, unsubstantiated character assassination directed at members of the Democratic Party. Beware, I am slipping more often at the With All Due Respect thing in the context of the guy from Vermont.

Personally, as a lifelong, active Democrat, (sometimes official card carrying and sometimes not), I am offended daily by the guy from Vermont who by his own admission detests the Democratic Party and who insults my intelligence by charging my support of Hillary is a part of some royal "coronation" conspiracy and who maligns good citizens like me as a part of some corrupt, anti-The People establishment.

It is my habit to check for an alignment of values prior to deciding if I will consider a candidate for an elected office or not. If there is no alignment of values there is no point in going any further in the process -- unless I can be persuaded otherwise prior to actually casting my vote!

A more visible example of the ill-mannered guy from Vermont's attack on the Democratic Party that offends me can be found in his non-evidence-based attacks on DNC Chair/Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz, a long-time public servant, who seems to be his unauthorized proxy for the Party and Hillary Clinton, i.e. red meat for his base. (Please the note qualifier "seems to be." I do not have his ear, I am divining here!)

Full disclosure, I am a fan of the Congresswoman.

I first saw the Congresswoman in a 2010 clip of a Fort Lauderdale, Florida Town Hall where she was talking to an audience filled with rabid GOP-ERS flipped out over the Affordable Health Care Act.

One rabid audience member, and I’m going on memory here, stood up and made some wild accusation about her being in favor of the Act because of her own cancer. She handled it calmly and professionally. She also peaked my curiosity so I Googled her.

I found out that the Congresswoman had BRCA1 and BRCA2 issues that put her at an increased risk for breast and ovarian cancers. As a result, she had gone through a year of procedures, treatments and recovery AND she had hardly missed a day’s work for us while doing so. I have been an admirer of her and her work ever since.

Yesterday, the Chair Released "An Open Letter my Fellow Democrats"

She ended that letter like this:

... Today I will make this pledge to you: I will always stand up for party activists because they bring us energy and ideas. I will always stand up for the leaders of this party because they volunteer their precious time to guide our progressive future.

But here’s what I’m asking of you, in return: When the work is hard, and passions run hot, and the road looks long, never forget the Americans we are fighting for.

This week, while reporters were writing story after story about party discord, 
marked the first time in our nation’s history that more than 90% of Americans have access to affordable healthcare. Because we elected a Democrat in 2008 and 2012, 20 million Americans have health insurance who didn’t before. And this month, we celebrated 74 consecutive months of private-sector job growth, generating over 14 million news jobs for American workers. When we come together as Democrats, we can accomplish great things for honest, hard-working people from every walk of life. That’s what’s important. That’s what we cannot let out of our sight.

I’m excited for the future of our party, and I’m proud of every Democrat working for a brighter future. On to victory! ... 

I hope she will be given the courtesy she deserves for the work she has done on behalf of Democrats and on behalf of The People ~ the courtesy of being heard.

You can read the full letter here

Thank you for reading!

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

In a World of Interaction Good Manners Matter!

The rumbling of a shift in the 2016 Democratic Nomination process has begun – as "Bernie Sanders Supporters Propose 'Mobilizing Voters'  to Beat Donald Trump"

The only real question has been the same question it's always has been: 

Will Democrats vote? Because, if Democrats vote; Democrats win!

The addendum question as we move through the process has become:

 Will Democrats vote for candidate presenting a culture of good manners or a candidate presenting a culture of no manners? And, it matters, because few people in this world want to collaborate with those who reject good manners in a world of interaction.

Cards on the table: I supported Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for President in 2008. I made the adjustment and supported Barack Obama once he won the nomination.

That is simply how it works. As a member of the Democratic Party I have agreed to a representative system of self-governance, with a particular focus on making agreed to adaptations every four years as we proceed to each convention and, with all due respect, I adhere to it.

Frankly, as a Hillary supporter it was up to Sen. Sanders to change my mind. 

He did not. In fact, I disqualified him from consideration very early on when he 1.) Decided to pretend to be a Democrat and; 2.) Presented with a culture of rudeness that offends me and he's done nothing to alter either negative. (I will have to revisit that decision if, by some miracle, he wins over the best candidate for president in my lifetime. But not today.)

I am of the mind that, at this point in time, I have heard all I need to hear. And the closer we get to wrapping up the nomination process, the simpler I like to keep it: 

I'm blocking out the noise and I'm focused on the work style of the candidate I would prefer to see in the Oval Office.

Surprise! Good manners win the day! In a representative government, success can not be achieved without good manners. And Hillary is the only candidate who has them.

Having said that, the good news, as I said in the beginning is: 

The rumbling of a shift in the Democratic 2016 Nomination process has begun which indicates to me, someone on the pro-Sanders side gets it and more Democrats will vote and Democrats will win!



By By Yamiche Alcindor

You can read the article here

Thank you for reading!

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sen. Warren is Taking on a Bully & You can Help...

In case you missed it, Sen. Warren is taking on ~ Trump!

In case you missed it, I am going to provide you with a series of relevant snapshots from the Senator's Twitter feed, a list of the links to them and the link to her Twitter feed so you can 1.) read what she's been saying to Trump; 2.) re-Tweet this particularly series of Tweets directly from this blog and 3.) give her a visit and see what else you might like to share with your Twitter friends because there's more...


The snapshots:

You can share them on Twitter here:











The account Sen. Elizabeth Warren is Tweeting from can be found here

Thank you for reading!

and thank you for taking action ~ our children are watching...

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

First of the Month Working Blog! Favorite Hillary Posts ~ Shareable and Sometimes Actionable ...

FYI: This is a working Blog! Democrats always need to work at messaging Democratic Truths up and down the ticket but it is my current analysis that nobody needs truth messaging more than my candidate for President -- Hillary Clinton – who is not being honestly described by many, including but not limited to, her non-Democratic opposition and a variety of talking heads, as the long-time progressive Democrat she is making her the focus of my recurring First of the Month Favorite and/or Shareable Posts Blog!

As we move closer to the 2016 Election for the President of the United States, please use the direct links provided and share and/or take action when and where appropriate in support of Hillary!

Take the Best; Leave the Rest. But push the truth!

For your own information, my personal habit is to share directly from Hillary's social media platforms and other like-minded sites, as well, and to save favorites on my Desktop for later sharing. I create a Hillary memes folder and drop them into the folder and when I have a block of time I share them directly from that folder to my preferred social medium platforms.

Today, I am providing direct Twitter links of some of my favorite posts for sharing with friends and two action steps to be taken and shared, as well! 

(* To share on various platforms of your own choosing, you’ll have to do the annoying thing and download, save, write a comment and re-post...)


^ Everyone can get their historical "Woman Card" for a $1 donation (more if you are able). If you are a woman, if you love a woman ~ it's a great opportunity to stand and to be counted!

You-can-share-the-meme (which includes the link!)-here

( You can get your card here )

^ It is ludicrous to declare this woman unqualified. It is dangerous to not understand domestic and foreign policies are no longer separate agenda items and a "smart power" strategy is critical to our continued success as a nation


^ Bullying is not governing


^ Mikey & "what an ice cream shop in New York City shows about the need for criminal justice reform"

You-can-share-the-meme (which includes the link!)-here

( You can read Mikey's story here )

^ Most of main stream is blacking out the stories of victims of gun violence and the work Hillary is doing with many of them to address the issue


( You can find stories related to Hillary's campaign on her website here )

^ "While supporters of ...
 the guy from Vt. "were banging pots and pans" ... "Hillary's campaign was building the revolution (he) claims we need."


Two very simple actions you can take today!

^ You can be sure Hillary's opposition is fighting to take committed delegates from her so please make sure to let them know you stand behind them (and her!) with a simple thank you!

You can thank a delegate here

( You-can-share-the-meme (which includes the link!)-here )

^ Self-explanatory...

You can sign on to make calls here

( You-can-share-the-meme-here )

Thank you for reading!

G., aka Partisan Democrat

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