Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Frankly Speaking: Mid-Week Grievance ~ Democrats, We Have to Fuc*king Vote!

No one, especially me, is a perfect citizen.

In fact, I will confess here and now that I have missed a vote or two in my lifetime when I missed the date to request my absentee ballot, for example! Fortunately for me, I've never done it at a time when my vote would have been the deciding factor. But it could have been and I know that and I have vowed to never let it happen again … unless I'm unconscious, of course.

Having said that, I suspect not every single one of the millions of eligible voters who have not voted falls into the once-in-a-while I screw up category and I just think we can do better. In fact, we have to do better or our system of government is going be lost to us – and it will be because we have voluntarily surrendered it.

I know. It sounds so dramatic!

But it has been and it continues to be my observation that conservatives have been fighting against the principles of our Constitution since the pre-ratification debate and they have never stopped fighting.

They hate our system for a lot of reasons but primarily because it is based on The Common Good ~ just listen to them speak ~ and they no longer hide it from the rest of us!

(I suspect that is on the top of the to-do-list of the new Speaker of the House ~ to persuade the newer GOP members to keep their political truth to themselves as well as to mimic the Democrats political truth with the promise that they just might win the White House in 2016 if they can just mind! It is a strategy that has served them well!)

If we do not want to lose our way of life, we have to focus on winning and in my experience that translates into supporting Democrats who are most likely to win.

Having said that, I am linking a great piece that provides a glimpse at potential GOP Senate weaknesses in the 2016 Election that just might allow Democrats to take the Senate back because I do believe that if we become better strategists, as opposed to dreamers, we most certainly can win!:

There’s another pivotal election next year besides the White House. The Senate is up for grabs, and the landscape a year out suggests the Democrats could win control away from the Republicans. … 

Oh. One more thing, just a quick look at the some of the early numbers I've seen in relation to the GOP governorship win in Kentucky yesterday:

Matt Bevin: 511,771
Democrat: 426,964
Eligible voters: 3.2M
Voter turnout: 30.7%

Watch Kentucky. I'm afraid we are going to see a bit of what the GOP dismantling of our system will look look like very soon.


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