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#StandWithPP: Domestic Terrorism is Domestic Terrorism ~ Even when Perpetuated Against Women...

"These doors stay open. Sending love and support to the staff and patients of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. We're standing with you."

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Courtesy of Planned Parenthood's Action Facebook Page here one of many responses to the domestic terrorist act on Planned Parenthood in Colorado.

I want to keep this simple and I believe the headline and the meme leading into this 
informational/working blog makes the point quite pointedly, shall we say, so I'm going to keep what I have to say very brief and I am going to simply:


Share one of my simple philosophies: Re Roe v Wade: MYOB! (Mind your own business.)


Share one of my simple mantras: Elections have consequences -- constitutionally and otherwise. The #WarOnWomen is not a joke. Vote!


Share one of my simple calls to action: Speak up! Make those who are committing anti-U.S.-government actions via domestic terrorism the real minority in this country.

Moving on, clearly the ability to stand up takes various forms, dependent on various circumstances, but find a way because, seriously, it is almost too late.

You can begin today by simply sharing some of the information and/or memes found here with a simple retweet.

And you can expand on that by simply sharing material found on favorite social media platforms is created and/or posted by people you trust to make accuracy in their work a priority!

TY ~ for doing something!

I think it is important to define the terms, so to continue in the spirit of keeping it simple, I am going to first define the term terrorism (briefly!). I am also going to share a bit of immediate reaction, for informational and sharing purposes; I am going to leave a few of my favorite memes for retweeting; and I am going to leave a piece on Roe v Wade and a link to a page to get anyone started who would like more reading material.

A simple but powerful post, courtesy of fellow digital activist Laura Davila! She is a great activist to follow on Twitter and you can find her here 

Knowing who to read while an attack is active can be difficult to figure out, so my rule of thumb is usually: Watch. Listen. Give them a few days for the facts to filter out. But in this case I read two pieces as the attack was still happening and I'd like to share them because they both handled immediate reaction in such a responsible way their work can be a role model for all of us!

The first piece:

“White Gunman Opens Fire On Planned Parenthood: Still Scared Of Muslims? (VIDEO)
By Elisabeth Parker

...And even if the shooter turns out not to be what we think he is, GOP lawmakers carry much of the blame for the lax gun safety laws that forces us to live in a constant state of mass shootings and terror. ...”

You can read the piece in it's entirety here

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The second piece:

"Motives behind the Colorado Springs murders? If we have to ask—let's start with Fox and Limbaugh
By Leslie Salzillo

...The motives are still unknown, but those of us who have witnessed the vicious, misleading, and contemptable right wing propaganda and media attacks against the healthcare center— we have a pretty good idea. … “

You can read the piece in its entirety here

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Courtesy of Point Counter Point 

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Courtesy of The Marmel Page

Who also said:

“Is it still:
"Gunman" not "Terrorist."
"Mass Shooting" not "Terror Attack."
"Disturbed" not "Radicalized"

Then it's being reported wrong.”

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Courtesy of We Are Woman

Roe v Waged informational:

Excerpted from Roe v. Wade - Then and Now

Justice Ginsberg authored a dissent joined by Justices Stevens, Souter, and Breyer, in which she wrote: "Today's decision is alarming. It refuses to take Casey and Stenberg seriously…And, for the first time since Roe, the Court blesses a prohibition with no exception safeguarding a woman’s health."
Ginsburg’s words are, to say the least, an ominous sign for Roe's future. Without Roe, life for American women would be thrown more than 30 years in reverse, returning them to the days when women could not fully control the number and spacing of their children. Without the ability to make this key decision, women will be denied opportunities to realize their future and take advantage of educational and career opportunities.
The world is looking to the U.S. to establish a vision of justice for the 21st century. It is not a time for our political leaders to divide this nation by turning the clock back on women's human rights.

The excerpted link here

The page link here

Finally, you can show your support for Planned Parenthood by changing your Facebook and or Twitter photo:

The link to do it is here

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