Sunday, December 6, 2015

Warning! Rome is Burning & American Knee-Jerk Reaction is Hate/Govern by Bible/Build an Arsenal

Let me be brief.

As a prelude to President Obama's address to the nation tonight, 

I am thinking:

Warning! Warning! Warning! 

Rome is burning while too many Americans are having a typical knee-jerk reaction to hate, to govern by Bible, to build an arsenal and to isolate, preferably, but not always, in white, American Taliban groupings. ( Knee-jerk defined here )

And, lack of education will be our downfall...

Watching this parochial reaction spread like wildfire among the willfully uninformed and the willfully ill-informed, fueled by a willfully ignorant media is highly disturbing and my brain reflexively seeks clarity, not randomly, but drawing from American History, study, observation and outcomes.

To date, I've concluded:


We live in a global world.


The President understands that and, despite the GOP preference for nullifying him and those of us who voted for him, his work toward peace and prosperity by bringing like-minded nations to the global table based on The Common Good underlies his vision for American success but those of us who do not do our homework do not know that.


The Obama Doctrine, as conceived by himself, has been and is being implemented by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry and all of the public servants who support their effort in shifting U.S. Foreign Policy from one of might is right thinking to one of let diplomacy work thinking but those of us who do not do our homework do not know that.


We live in a representative democracy but we act as if we live in a direct democracy and that clash gridlocks the United States government (us) just a much, perhaps more so, than said strategic GOP nullification. Systems are only as good as those who are running them and those of us who of us have abdicated our responsibility by not voting are accountable for what we have wrought, a country nearly completely run by the GOP.


Finally, we have no excuse for not being informed citizens. Aside from seeking trusted interpreters of facts without ulterior motives (who still have to be fact-checked, BTW), I encourage going to the source which is as simple, in the case of U.S. Foreign Policy, of accessing the White House and the State House websites and beginning to read.

Tonight, President Obama will address the nation in the context of terrorism.

Personally, throughout the week, I've watch a gaggle of media-types divining and pontificating on the topic. But, I don't think I've seen one, single person in the President's loop invited to join the conversation ~ exactly the people who should be hosted 24/7 to discuss a national threat. Aren't they?

So, let me leave you with one video to get you started on doing your homework and/or adding to your homework before President Obama speaks to us tonight so we might all become more informed. It is Secretary of State John Kerry, a direct source, who spoke at the “Saban Forum 2015: Israel and the United States: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow” …

It is my hope that it will put into context the complexities of Foreign Policy in the 21st Century and remind all of us why we elected President Obama in the first place ~ it is his lead we need to follow not the lead of the uninformed and/or the ulterior motivated.

Secretary of State John Kerry: Keynotes @ Saban Forum 2015.

TY for your attention to this matter.

( FYI: You should be able to access Hillary Clinton's keynote speech at the same event today here )

( And you can watch the President's address live here )

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