Sunday, December 20, 2015

Keeping it as Simple as Possible Throughout the Holiday Season: My top Five Christmas Wish List!


For Christmas I would like a return of the past recognition of media as the 4th branch of government where, as interpreted by me, it's specific mention/protection in the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution codifies a segment of media outlet business plans as one more check and balance on government for The People.


For Christmas I would like the return of the Fairness Doctrine which, also as interpreted by me, declares media a public communications service and. keeping in the spirit of it's 4th branch of government status, subjects it to an obligation to cover issues of importance to The People, providing equal time for the opposition.


For Christmas I would like to wake up on Christmas morning and turn on my laptop and discover an upward trend in the level of education of the American People in, but not limited to, areas of academics, technical skills and civics literacy.


For Christmas I would like to see an awakening in the American People, building on an upward trend in the education of the American People, to the idea that we are a global society and any American President must perform his or her job on behalf of the success of the of our nation through that lens.


For Christmas I would like to see an acknowledgement that Black Lives do Matter and I would like to see action taken by anyone in the vicinity of the White House who witnesses racists waving their confederate flags and screaming their hateful slurs outside of the home of the 1st Black Family in America, i.e. say something.

And ~ that's it!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

PS: Should it be a time of year anyone struggles with that "wonderful Holiday Season!" mantra, I am sending some positive energy. If you need it, it is yours...


Positive Energy