Wednesday, December 30, 2015

GOP hate of all "others" will be exiting my space very soon! Feeling the need to catch my breath for a moment...

^^^ GOP hate of all "others" is going up & out in smoke soon! Realistically, it will be temporary but ... it will give me the time and the space I need to re-energize for what's to come!

 This is a great mental exercise you may want to borrow between now and January 1, 2016 or any time a bit of a clearing of your space is required!

 Happy New Year!

* Frankly Speaking: Brief Mid-Week Grievance ~ is, as it implies, a very simple, very brief indulgence of mine, a way to release one key frustration a week via print, meme, etc. !!

Sometimes it will resonate, sometimes it will merely tweak and other times is will accomplish nothing so Take the Best; Leave the Rest!!!

Weekly Blog rule applies ~ If the shoe fits, wear it; If the shoe does not fit -- don't.

Later …

G., aka Partisan Democrat

Thank you for reading!

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