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The Grievance: 21st Century Foreign Policy Calls for an Expertise that Only Hillary Clinton can Bring to the Table

Frankly Speaking: I am of the mind that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate for President of the United States of America ~ the right woman at the right time.

As noted, foreign policy is much more complicated than national security threats from terrorists but since the GOP is using fear of terrorists at the moment to win the White House in November (think two George W. Bush elections here!), it is really clear the electorate needs to do its homework and choose the next President wisely or, make no mistake about it, U.S. foreign policy will be determined by the GOP vulture capitalists based on the GOP Bible of choice, i.e. the American Taliban.

Hillary has recently given three relevant speeches and I will provide links to them below for anyone who chooses to either get started informing one's self per the source and/or to add to one's current knowledge base of the source's pragmatic approach to national security.

We live in a global world and we are not going to be able to put that genie back into the bottle!

President Obama knew that and under his leadership his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his current Secretary of State John Kerry had/have been shifting U.S. foreign policy from right is might thinking 1st to letting diplomacy work thinking 1st because the fact is we don't own other nation and attempts to bully and to bend them to our will is misguided ~ at the very least.

A strong defense does not have to translate into the U.S. going it alone and/or the U.S. fighting others' fights for them at the cost of our blood and treasure. 

War is so easy for the "directors" of war but  it is reprehensible to move military personnel in and out of combat in a game of "king of the hill" with no respect for their lives.

Hillary will honor President Obama's vision for peace and prosperity via the building of strong economies with like-minded nations (think moving away from those who choose permanent states of destruction and pivoting to those who choose permanent states of building) and she will continue and adapt as needed in her judgement the progress being made as we speak in positioning the U.S. for success in the 21st Century. 

Listen to her as she primarily addresses the very real threat of terrorism in the three speeches and begin the process of choosing the next President wisely:

December 15, 2015 

Posted on December 6, 2015: 

Published on Nov 19, 2015 

If you have any time over the holidays, check more of Hillary speeches here


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