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A Few Favorite Shareables to Share Throughout GOP Debate Day, Tuesday, December 15th !

If Democrats vote ~ we win; If they don't we get ^^^

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Meme courtesy of Hillary Clinton on Facebook

FYI: This is a working Blog! because, it seems to me if GOP Debates get millions of pairs of eyes on GOP Debate nights, Democrats need to be flooding the market with a nice mix of pro-democrat and anti-GOP posts any time between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST Tuesday!

The CNN GOP Debate is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15. The debate will be split into two debates: First at 6:00 p.m. ET; Second debate at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Note:  “23 million watched GOP debate, a record for CNN” on September 19, 2015 !

 Please feel free to peruse some of my favorite posts and borrow liberally and schedule to post in whatever time frame you determine to be the best time frame for your messaging. And, of course add your own favorites to the conversation!

For your own information, my personal habit is to schedule Tweets to post throughout the day ~ leaving me free to watch the debate and to Retweet the like-minded. I use Hootsuite to do that. (see below for relevant Hootsuite links.)

Here's a snippet of what my Tuesday, pre-scheduled Tweets look like... ready to pop every 5 minutes throughout GOP Debate Day:

 ( * Today I am providing direct Twitter links to share with your friends, preferably on GOP Debate Day!. To share on other platforms, etc. you’ll have to do the annoying thing and download and save and adapt and re-post... ) 

Take the Best; Leave the Rest. But push the truth about the GOP war on us!

^^^ Under the current circumstances, I am of the mind that this one should be shared on various social media platforms at least as long as Trump is a factor.

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Meme courtesy of Hillary Clinton on Facebook

^^^ "Jefferson and Other Founding Fathers defended Muslim rights"  

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Courtesy of the Washington Post

^^^ GOP Climate Change Deniers who govern by Bible won't agree but:
 "This is a victory for all the planet and the future generations" Per Secretary of State John Kerry (Paris Climate Accord):

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Courtesy of Secretary of State John Kerry

^^^ Repeat of topic but, I love this! "Real world LEADERS on the left! Real world climate deniers on the right!" (Paris Climate Accord)

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Adapted by me/Courtesy of Timothy Clark

^^^ Speaking of real world leaders ~ President Obama on Hillary!

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Courtesy of Florida4Hillary

^^^ Truth Matters and someone has to speak it ... TY Senator Reid!

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Courtesy of Occupy Democrats  on Facebook

^^^ A question suggestion for the upcoming GOP Debate: Will you reinstate draft? Will you boot up for war with Daesh? Will you lead "crusade" personally?

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^^^ #ImWithHer because she  grasps & supports a pluralistic society. She knows "It Takes A Village" and not a revolution to keep the United States moving forward!

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^^^ This one is pure self-indulgence ~ my ask that you share it and help give Hillary a Holiday Gift by moving her Facebook Likes past the 2 million mark! TY

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